Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well here I go! My first blog!
I think to myself, "who cares?" But sometimes I want friends or family or even fans to know what I'm up to. Is it ego? Maybe it is. I've kept journals for years and sometimes I want to share my thoughts, ideas or my adventures with others.

This blog might be a good way for my family, friends or fans to get to know me more closely. Maybe no one will follow my blog and that would be fine with me. I'll just use this as my electronic journal.

I might work up the nerve to upload a video of myself... But that might take a big ego.

Well anyway... Thanks for reading! ........ JJ

(This video is from May 2007)
Here's a small peek into my New York City show "DIVAS ARE FOREVER!" I had a successful 2 year run with this show (off & on) performing Fridays & Saturdays. I won The Manhattan Association of Cabaret Performers award (the MAC) for this show. I loved this room so much but the owners leased the space to someone else. It later became "Ate Ave." Located in the Chelsea area (169 Eighth Ave. between 18th & 19th St.).