Friday, June 26, 2009

I've come to Provincetown, MA to do my Summer run. I'm performing at The Post Office Cabaret every Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun through the end of Summer, probably even the end of September. So far no pictures but I'll upload soon. I allow everyone in my audiences to record and photograph the show. So come on down to Cape Cod. Go as far as you can towards the ocean, that's where Ptown is.

LAS VEGAS / BACK TRACK to MAY 20-25, 2009

Ok so I'm late! I know!!! I gotta catch up here. May 20th landed me in Las Vegas. I met my high school friend Kathy at the airport. We came to Vegas to Celebrate my Cher's Birthday (May 20th) by seeing her show at Ceasars Collosium. I performed at Club Piranah on my Birthday (May 22nd). Kathy's Birthday was May 24 and we saw The Lion King at Mandalay Bay.

We also got to see Whoopi Goldberg at the Encore's Danny Gans Theater. It was sad that my plans to see Danny Gans did not work out due to his passing. They had a memorial for him on May 21 in the theater that was built for him.

We also saw my friend's Magic Drag show. Cashetta "MAGIC'S A DRAG" was so funny. Some of her tricks did not work but it made it even funnier. She was pissed about it after the show but we laughed. It's more fun if the trick doesn't work. But most of them worked and I don't know how she did some of those tricks. It was funny and amazing.

Cashetta and I worked some of the same little clubs in New York for extra cash. Cashetta lives in Las Vegas now playing to packed houses with her Magic act. I'm proud of her for accomplishing this. She works 6 nights a week and has big billboards in Vegas advertising her show. It's good to see her success. Cashetta told me a key to getting a show in Vegas and a producer etc... is to actually move there and get a phone with a 702 (Vegas) area code. They take you more seriously. We'll see. I'm really liking my move to LA right now.

Vegas was fun. We stayed at the Encore (a Wynn Hotel). We stayed at the Encore Tower Suites. My friend Michael Shulman pulled a string for us and got us a deal. The service was impeccable and the design of the hotel was classy - not garish. We had a great view and a big flat screen TV. The bathroom was all marble had 2 sinks! Also a tub and a shower - both!

So Happy Birthday to Me, Kathy & Cher!
How old??? None of your damn business!