Monday, February 28, 2011


It's been a little over a year since I officially moved to LA. My busy-ness is almost starting to match that of when I lived in New York. As my network and friends build so does my work. I just finished watching the Academy Awards (Feb. 26) I tweeted several times during about the fashions and funny stuff. What happened to James Franco? He looked bored hosting this thing. Ann Hathaway did her best to keep a brave face. She has a pretty singing voice. Gwenny has a shockingly nice singing voice too. "Everybody's always tryin' to get in on the act" - Jimmy Durante.

I nudged my reality show producer about pitching to OWN but he has his reasons for not doing it right now. I'm trying people, don't ever think I'm not trying. The famous Mark Burnett said he was turned down 19,000 times before finally someone said yes to him. Now he's the TOP reality show production company.

Anyway this has been a busy couple of weeks...

Feb. 15 & 16:  I went to The NEW MUSIC SEMINAR in Universal City Sheraton Hotel headed by Tom Silverman of Tommy Boy Records. It was great to be there to learn, mingle and network. All day events.

Feb. 18 & 19:   I finally performed my show IMPRESSIONISM at Casita del Campo's CAVERN CLUB THEATER. I got STANDING OVATIONS at both shows! They want me back. The staff there are very nice and I would love to play there again. There are some videos on my FB wall.
Me & the hilarious and sweet Muffy Bolding. She's a writer.

Debbie O'Hannion & John Lucas running for city counsel in West Hollywood.

Ed & Tre

DJ Irene and her girlfriend. Irene and I were signed to Interhit Records back in the day when I recorded "Who Wants To Be Your Lover"

Some of the crowd upstairs after the show the Mexican food is great.
Despite the awful rainfall I had decent crowds. In LA when it rains nobody wants to go out. We're so spoiled with perfect weather. Even I who's been through 15 years of New York City Winters now can't manage an outing in LA rain. What happened? I'm such a wimp now. I want my perfect weather - Waaaaaaaaaa...

Feb. 20:  I was asked to step in to do the makeup for actress / model Sharon Hinnendael. I was asked at the last minute because for some reason the appointed makeup artist could not make it and no one else was available at the last minute. I jumped in to help my friend Traver Rains at his studio in North Hollywood. He was the photographer.  It was a new experience for me but I took to it like a fish in water. The agent that booked me said I was very good at taking care of Sharon. Sharon seemed very pleased with me too writing on my FB wall that I was her favorite makeup artist ever. She's a very sweet and funny girl. She was cracking me up.

I know what it's like to be on her end of it when everyone is pulling on you and expecting you to perform. Bless her heart, this was her 2nd photo shoot that day so I tried to make her feel comfortable. I made sure she had her water, coffee, spit out her old gum, got her new gum. I held her robe for her through the topless shoots, egged her on at the shoot saying "you look great" "work it" "that's right" "Love it" etc... it was great fun!

I look like shit in this pic (several hours of working) BUT I was there to make her look good. I was not expecting to work this Sunday afternoon but I had a blast doing Sharon's makeup, she's so cool and funny. Without all this Texas makeup (intended look btw) and boofed up hair, she looks like a sexy California girl. Traver was putting her in various Texas looks for South by Southwest in Ausin, TX.
This picture is Sharon Hinnendael without the heavy makeup and boofed up hair. 

Feb. 21:  I was on the phone trying, trying to be Joan River's opening act for La Mirada Performing Arts Center.  I called her Manager, Agent, sent my Demo reel from Youtube etc... It didn't work out. If she only knew I was trying to open for her I know she'd let me. But I feel like too many handlers are making the decisions for her. Who knows.... But I tried and I had someone else trying for me too. I'm going to have to figure out how to try to get the Reel to her personally. If you see me on Joan Rivers talk show back in the day she is genuinely fascinated by me. I need to run into her again and tell her I want to open for her.

Feb. 22:   I had a meeting at The Roosevelt Hotel with a writer from England who saw my show at Casita and wanted to take me to lunch. He moves to LA in November.  Nice perk.

Feb. 25:  (Saturday night) Jackie Beat took me to his friends beautiful home in LA where we watched a screening of his new movie "GINGERBREAD MAN 3"  Jackie was really good and Muffy (above) is in it and wrote some of it too.  The two guys own this house and one works at FOX Studios doing publicity. They live very close to the FOX STUDIOS.



Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Feb. 18 & 19 / 9pm


It's gonna be fun! Casual. Great crowds. Upstairs good Mexican food. Downstairs The Cavern Club Theater. Grab a Margarita and come downstairs for a fun show.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Saturday Feb. 12, 2011
I went to The Key Club at 1pm on Sunset Blvd. to a songwriters seminar. Only 2 hrs. Seal and Cee Lo Green spoke amongst others. They've written big hit songs. I did not know that Cee Lo  wrote "Don't Cha" for Pussycat Dolls. Other songwriters here wrote for Bruno, Britney, Miley, Katy Perry, Beyonce and more...
My only gripe with the organizers is that in standing in a room full of songwriters and creative music people, why isn't there a get-to-know one another in the room moment? My next new collaborator could be next to me but how do I know it? How do you meet 200 people in that room?

Later, I took off to Universal City to The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club. I had to open for Funny Lady Judy Tenuta. The staff at the club was soooooo nice. The sound system was wonderful. I decided that since it was Black History month that I would be a black woman so my routine was:

1. God Bless the Child (voices of...Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt, Diana Ross)
2. Private Dancer: Tina Turner
3. I Try: Macy Gray

From the back of the house. Judy on stage. Sorry for the blurry.
Judy was hilarious and tore up the place. It was a nice evening with Judy Tenuta. I felt she was on a good roll - in a good groove with the audience.
Backstage after show. Judy and Jimmy.
Shot from outside Jon Lovitz Comedy Club looking out towards Universal Plaza.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


FOR THE FIRS TIME EVER! My 1st CD "The ONE & MANY VOICES of JIMMY JAMES - LIVE!" is available on iTunes!!! Recorded live in the Summer of '98, I did not release this until 2000. I did very well with this CD and seemed to be a fan favorite. I compiled 21 tracks altogether. When I announced this on my Facebook wall today the comments lit up. That took me by surprise. This CD has been out of print for several years because I moved on to other projects. Nonetheless I'm proud of my first baby. I hope you enjoy it.

I've also included this back cover here on my blog so you can get a feel for the whole project creatively. I was meticulous about every detail and unfortunately iTunes only allows for the Front cover. Part of the fun of doing the 'physical' cds is compiling the artwork and detail for my fans. I realize I can't take everybody  into my live shows but I try as hard as I can to bring you in with the artwork.
Inside booklet. "The ONE & MANY VOICES of JIMMY JAMES - LIVE!"
(by clicking on the image, hopefully it will enlarge for you).

This is Front & Back cover of the booklet.

Also earlier this morning I did an 11am interview on SKYPE with Jess Zaino in New York City

I painted myself up and wore a Shawn Lochridge headdress. It was fun and as soon as the interview is available I'll link it.


 My sister's name is Judy so this is kinda funny..."I'm workin' with Judy."

 I'm opening for Judy Tenuta this weekend Feb. 12. I'm excited!
8pm Show at The Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Studios, CA.
Info is on this ad and the link below:


Feb. 18 & 19

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

IMPRESSIONISM is coming to Silverlake, California

My show IMPRESSIONISM is coming to LA for the first time. Cavern Club Theater is underneath a Mexican Restaurant called 'Casita Del Campo.' Good Mex food. I should know I'm from San Antonio, TX and we've got great Tex/Mex food there. In addition to the great food the salsa at Casita is one of the best I've ever tasted.

This should be fun so if you're around come on down to the basement. Let's have a good time.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011


What do you do when someone you don't like is following you on Twitter? How do you ask someone to unfollow you? You can't block them. What do I do? This person gets on my nerves. They know I'm not a friend of theirs. Creepy.

I watched Oprah today on Vegan eating. It's actually my favorite way to eat but it's hard when you travel. It's hard when you have a roommate who is a meat eater. Here in LA I often go to Vegan Glory. It's Thai influenced and so good. I love all kinds vegetables with red curry sauce.

I'm so glad I'm not on the East Coast right now. They are getting pounded with snow. Wheewww. I dodged that bullet.