Wednesday, February 9, 2011


FOR THE FIRS TIME EVER! My 1st CD "The ONE & MANY VOICES of JIMMY JAMES - LIVE!" is available on iTunes!!! Recorded live in the Summer of '98, I did not release this until 2000. I did very well with this CD and seemed to be a fan favorite. I compiled 21 tracks altogether. When I announced this on my Facebook wall today the comments lit up. That took me by surprise. This CD has been out of print for several years because I moved on to other projects. Nonetheless I'm proud of my first baby. I hope you enjoy it.

I've also included this back cover here on my blog so you can get a feel for the whole project creatively. I was meticulous about every detail and unfortunately iTunes only allows for the Front cover. Part of the fun of doing the 'physical' cds is compiling the artwork and detail for my fans. I realize I can't take everybody  into my live shows but I try as hard as I can to bring you in with the artwork.
Inside booklet. "The ONE & MANY VOICES of JIMMY JAMES - LIVE!"
(by clicking on the image, hopefully it will enlarge for you).

This is Front & Back cover of the booklet.

Also earlier this morning I did an 11am interview on SKYPE with Jess Zaino in New York City

I painted myself up and wore a Shawn Lochridge headdress. It was fun and as soon as the interview is available I'll link it.

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