Monday, August 31, 2009


Good show tonight (Sunday night). Standing Ovation. Lots of people were video taping and taking pictures. I allow it. Before the show I stopped by Coconuts to buy some Smith sunglasses. I love sunglasses and preparing myself when I return to beautiful sunny LA. There was a big line forming for my show in front of the Post Office Cafe/Cabaret. I was so happy. I sang my ass off.

Enough said, THIS GIRL HAS IT! SHE'S A STAR!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

LILY TOMLIN & HURRICANE DAN almost did me in. Saturday AUGUST 29

The show was fun and great tonight. I was happy to have even just half a house. Tonight I had to compete against Hurricane Dan's ferocious rain fall all day AND compete against superstar Lily Tomlin who was performing down the wharf for 800 or 900 people. She came in to town to raise money for a 'dog run'...I don't know why dogs here need a 'dog run' they have ALL of Cape Cod including the beaches to play in, but I'm not objecting...I'm just sayin'...

I was helping out my hawker screaming on the street "Come see my show!!! I'm better than Lily Tomlin!!! And cheaper!!!" I love Lily and I'm a big fan, but I had to attract attention. My tickets are only $20.00.  Lily's tickets were $75.00 - $250.00. and people were flocking to the wharf. I was having a 'D List' moment and I didn't like it. So I guess you can say I've made my contribution to that dog run by losing business on a Saturday night. Even the popular Lobster Pot restaurant closed early due to slow biz tonight.

This past Thursday night a man came to my show claiming to be Lily Tomlin's brother. The staff comped him and his friend because he kinda eluded to that fact that Lily would be coming. I put down my foot with my staff NO comps just for 'name-dropping.'  Deliver the "NAME" to my show and we'll discuss comps. Of course I would give a courtesy comp to any celebrity. But if you can't deliver the celebrity then PAY THE $20.00.  That price is nothing and I keep it down on purpose to make it affordable for everyone. I'm delivering at least $50.00 shows for only $20.00!

Anyway my audience was great and lots of fun. I did some extra numbers for the folks, I was very appreciative to have the crowd I had. They braved the weather and ignored the masses going to the wharf.   Wharf! Wharf! scoop the poop! Happy Dog Running.

I'm so obsessed with LA ROUX.  Here's another clip. It's been years since I've been so excited over a new Artist. "This time baby I'll be BULLETPROOF!"  She is the kewlest!!!


Why can't I ever get that special night recorded? There are rare moments when my voice is so perfect that it stuns even me. My voice was in perfect rare form plus I had a great audience. Most of the time my voice is good and good is good, but every once in a while the voice comes out PERFECT and that is rare. On these moments the singing is completely effortless and so joyful.  My Diana Ross was uncanny. Streisand was unbelievable. Even my Elvis and Lionel Richie take on a more fluid sound and are richer and more masculine.

These rare magic voice nights might only happen once or twice in a Season. I know that I did not sleep with air condition the night before, because New England has cooled. Air condition is known for drying the throat.  I didn't jog (shame on me, but that often warms up and opens my voice). Someday I'll capture one of these 'magic voice' nights on a recording.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My night off.
I went to see Judy Gold at The Art House. She was very funny and killed. I had a quick dinner there afterwards.

I tried to go to The Gifford House alone until 'an old friend' latched on to me in the street. He's a good guy but he's gossipy and so cynical about everything. As we were about to walk into Purgatory I ran into Pauline from MAP and the famous John Waters. We were all coming in to listen to some cool Euro dance music provided by DJ Scott Munson. He just happens to be one of the cutest guys in Ptown. And he was playing some really cool electronica. It was fresh to hear this music here.

We all found a corner of a bar and hung out. John told me I should sing 'rap. '  I'm not sure if he's aware of 'FASHIONISTA' which has a big designer 'rap' 'wrap' in it. I didn't bring it up. We were all just laughing.

The club was getting more and more packed. Tons of cute Eastern Europeans. There was a lowly American guy on the dance floor who took off his shirt to dance. Even though he had a six pack and pecs, he was no match for boys who don't even have to force it. I think it's sexier to leave your shirt on. And often a loose shirt is nice too. The fact that you have a nice body but don't have to flaunt it makes you sexy.  Trying too hard to show it off is not sexy.

John said they should keep their shirts on and take their pants off. I agree.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My new favorite Artist! I saw them on Jimmy Kimmel and I was spellbound. This is a 20 year old girl doing her own thing. She's nobody's cookie cutter artist. Sometimes she sings in falsetto...unbelievable for a girl this young to be doing this. She's original and talented! I couldn't even find this girl on Perez Hilton's search. Check out her hits on YouTube: "Bulletproof" and "In For The Kill." She is the coolest!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

PROVINCETOWN, MA. Annual Carnival Parade 8/20/2009

Provincetown, MA Annual CARNIVAL PARADE 2009.
This years theme was 'LOVE, PEACE & GOGO BOOTS.' Honoring the 40th annivarsary of Woodstock 1969 - "The Summer of Love." So anything within that era was good fodder for a float theme.

I sang "FASHIONISTA" all along Commercial St. You won't hear the music very well from these clips because the speakers were facing outward towards the crowds.

Our float theme was Warhol's Factory. I was Andy Warhol and the other cast of characters all work at The Post Office Cabaret either doing shows ("The Naked Boys Singing" off Broadway Musical) or part of the wait staff. It was a hot day. Muggy. I hated wearing the wig, turtle neck and blazer but I suffered for 'the look.' I used to wear this black turtle neck so much in New York during the Winters but since I've moved to LA, I went ahead and cut the sleeves off to help me out on this very hot day and put the white jacket over it. All heat inducing drag.
(Photo: James Thompson)

(Photo: James Thompson. I love this photo with the Pilgrim Monument in the background. Thanks James!!! Great shot!)

On this Thursday Morning 8/20/09 I woke up early (9:30am ugh...). Tish De Williams came over to my condo in Seashore Park with Dina Jacobs to cook breakfast for me and Mick and Lady Bunny who was visiting from NYC to do her gig at The Atlantic House (The A-House) the night before.

I jumped on the float by 3pm and the parade got rolling 4-6pm.
After the parade I came home pretty tired. I took a shower and rested for an hour then painted my face all over again for my show at 9pm. I did a great show and got a standing ovation.
I shot video clips from my Sony Cybershot while I was on the float. I thought it was very Warhol holding a camera next to my face. I also shot video from my new FLIP camera. I was being very Warhol, recording me and them.

(Snapshot from my float. Click on photo to zoom in)

After the parade, back at the condo my next door neighbor Sylvia as Phyllis Diller. She's adorable!

Photo: Provincetown Magazine 8/19/09. Dante and Allissa at The Post Office Cafe. It's downstairs and the cabaret is upstairs where I do my shows.

Opening song: FASHIONISTA! 8/16/09. Carnival Week starts now. The Post Office Cabaret.

Photos by: Stephen Hornbelt 8/16/09. Upstairs in the cabaret. I grabbed my friend Mario Diaz's glasses to wear. I kinda like the look.