Sunday, May 18, 2014


 MAY 23, 2014:
For my entire 30 year career San Fancisco has eluded me for some reason. I am playing at REBEL.

 MAY 27, 2014:
Continuing on to Palm Springs, CA. It's been my 2 year anniversary. Every last Tuesday of the month I work out my new material. There is NO COVER! I love getting in the trenches and working out the new songs or routines.

 JUNE 2, 2014: Kicking off Gay Pride in West Hollywood at MICKY'S Monday night show...
On Monday nights for over a year now in West Hollywood, CA there are 2 clubs that always play FASHIONISTA before their shows as an overture - The ABBY and MICKY'S! I'm flattered BUT I think it's high time I barge into MICKY'S and sing my song LIVE!  I finally have some time to let those bitches have it. I'm excited. The shows are fun there.

More stuff in the works...I've been in Texas scanning and scanning photos from my archives to save digitally. Stil working on making that documentary of my Marilyn Years. Let's see if I can give you some sneak peaks:
Only for you...
Test Polaroid for National Enquirer story Marilyn "Manroe" circa 1990.

Photographer unknown. Jimmy James as Marilyn Monroe. Backstage at The Pilgrim House circa 1987. Yikes! Don't tell anyone. Some of these images are special but unfortunately I only have the contact sheet. I try to scan at a high resolution so that I can see them better and reproduce.

Performing at The St. Regis Hotel for Sir Elton John's AIDS Foundation. I was so nervous. He was a little cold at first then he cracked a smile and seemed to start liking the show. This made everyone else like me. Afterwards he called me over to his table and kissed me on the lips! Yes THE ELTON JOHN! Hugged me and I have that picture too.

This is my sweet loving Mommie who came to visit me at Bally's Hotel Casino in the mid 80s when I worked in the show 'An Evening at La Cage' as Marilyn. I did this for 2 years until getting my break in Provincetown, MA Summer 1986. Getting my own show in Ptown was what really got my career cookin' and then later landed me on so many popular TV talk shows. I got fame fast because back in those days there were only 3 or 4 channels so I got ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX.

Wish I could show you more but I gotta get to bed.