Thursday, January 27, 2011


Packing today for my trip to Palm Springs tomorrow (Fri. 1/28).
I perform:
777 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262


I'm especially happy today because I was blessed with a royalty check for my music!
I'm very grateful. I love making money while I'm laying in bed...just like the good ol' days...LOL!

Getting a royalty check in the mail for my OWN music means so much to me. It gives me validation. I'm validated for all the effort, blood, sweat and tears I've put into making my own expression happen. I still get asked all the time to do Marilyn Monroe again. But the truth is I did it for about 17 years. That's a lot of time. And although I was the best in the world at recreating her, it still never felt as good as it does now to get paid for my own original work.
No one can take my own creation away from me. If someone wants to record 'Fashionista' or any other song from 'JAMESTOWN' I will be paid. When my music gets on to a commercial or a movie or a TV show - I get paid.

If I ever try to do Marilyn for a commercial - I get sued.

I don't own anything of Marilyn Monroe. If anyone wants to impersonate her go ahead. Be my guest. I did it for as long as I could. I gave it the best years of my youth and it only went so far. I was threatened with lawsuits and threatened with her estate lawyer to pay commissions for all my little club dates...give me a break! How sad to be so young, beautiful and talented yet so blocked from success. No thanks you can keep all that shit. Keep it all. I don't want it.

I'm proud of my Marilyn Years but prouder of MY OWN MUSIC.

"Why be a 2nd rate version of someone else when you can be a 1st rate version of yourself."
                                                                                                                     - Judy Garland

                             Monroe's Estate Lawyer Roger Richman wanted to sue this!  
                                                                He's a creep.                      


What happened?
I know everything changes over time. BUT I don't think these pictures of Madonna are that far apart in time. I know the pressures of trying to look a certain way from 20 years ago. It's showbiz and it's an image driven business. I get it. Sometimes I think, when money is no object, celebrities can start to go over-board with chisel-happy doctors who are all too eager to take their money and chisel, pump, sculpt, slice, chop etc... I guess maybe the celebrity demands it.

I don't believe you have to look like you did 20 years ago. At some point you have to own and embrace your long accomplished life and say; "Ya I survived the muck, I made something of myself. I have the scars to prove it, and what? This is me! I'm older, smarter, wiser richer and cooler because I have a 1/2 Century life experience. I know things that you don't know because I made it up to this point. Don't ogle over my life's 'battle scars' when you yourself are on your way to getting your own battle scars soon - very soon...but hopefully not from a plastic surgeon on the Upper East Side of Manhattan."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Finally got the artwork for THE CAVERN CLUB THEATER. 

Last night I saw Nadia Ginsburgh at The club. Her "MADONNALOGUES" was very funny with send-ups of Madonna, Cher, Wynnona Ryder and others was hilarious.
Check her out on YouTube. She was SOLD-OUT!

Worked all day today and I can't believe it's already WED! Whaaa??? Lots of emails and phone calls. I'm trying to find where my box of 'FASHIONISTA' Tshirts are. They were supposed to be here by now.  My Mom shipped them from San Antonio, TX to LA 2 weeks ago. They should be here by now. I need them for this weekend in Palm Springs. Lost? I don't know.

JIMMY JAMES - live! Jan. 29 / 9pm
777 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262

Sunday, January 23, 2011


I mean seriously while people are freezing around the country in frigate's like spring here.
I went with my friend Armen Ra on a drive to Malibu. We stopped at the famous Paradise Cove for a bite in the evening. We were not that hungry but it was nice just to go out there and drive on the PCH. Armen took these pix on his iPhone just as the Sun was setting. The rich aqua blues and pinks in the sky in these photos have not been retouched at all.

I have been busy busy with a lot of projects so taking a little time off was nice and relaxing.

I'm so grateful to have these beautiful days in abundance. It's almost painful to be here. It's kinda like how did I manage to make this happen in my life?

Earlier in the day when I woke up I watched my DVR of Oprah's 'Behind the Scenes' on OWN. I'm so fascinated by these shows. In college I studied Radio, TV & Film so these shows really get me entranced. I also watched Maya Angelou's 'Master Class' on OWN. What a remarkable woman! I have to get her books. She made me cry. She is so profound and wise and full of soul. There was a quick black & white clip of her singing in a movie (I think?) and WOW she had a fantastic voice! Very regal and strong, deep and full with rich resonance. I'm going to go on YouTube to see what I can find of her singing....just checked YouTube and I can't find that clip.

After watching the OWN shows I went with Armen to have lunch at Mels Diner on Sunset Blvd.

After Mels I went down the street to go check out the space at Hamburger Hamlet in Beverly Hills where I'll be performing for a VIP party soon. There is a baby grand piano there and a built in sound system. So it looks like it's set up fine.

I did a private party for her several years ago but she p-r-o-b-a-b-l-y won't remember.

Friday, January 21, 2011


I'M BOOKED SATURDAY, JANUARY 29th in Palm Springs, CA.

777 East Tahquitz Canyon Way
Palm Springs, CA 92262
9pm / $10.00 CASH (cheap!)

BLAME IT ON MIDNIGHT has a good restaurant on one side and a very cute Cabaret on the other. Maybe you can have dinner there at 7 or 8 and come over to my show after. Fine cocktails are served from the large sprawling bar.

The reaction to me coming there has been great so far and I'm looking forward to a full house.
I'm going to blend comedy and music together. I want to pull out material that many people have not heard me do. I'm going to make my show fun! It's a casual and easy atmosphere there.

I have been putting in long hours here in LA since I got back and the days are
zooming by.


I also got booked at The CAVERN CLUB THEATER at Casita Del Campo Restaurant in Silver Lake, CA (basically LA). The performance space is underneath the restaurant.

Coming from San Antonio, I'm kinda picky about Mexican food and this place is good. The salsa is one of the BEST I've ever tasted. This restaurant has been around for about 30 years and there's a reason - GOOD MEXICAN FOOD!

at CASITA DEL CAMPO Restauarant
1920 Hyperion Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90027

Feb. 18 & 19 / 9pm

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Finally back in Los Angeles. Funny thing how I can feel like I could just stay in my hometown of San Antonio.

After my show on Dec. 23, I went into a Holiday daze. I did what I wanted to do. I ate what I wanted to eat. I got up late...I was an all around lazy pig and I loved it. Staying with mom is peaceful. There is no pressure there. My room is there for me. Everything in white and southwest decor. I don't care if it's passe, in Texas I like that decor.

So back to Hollywood. My Southwest flight in the evening was pretty empty which is rare these days. I read Time Magazine. Mark Zuckerburg Person of the Year. I'm kinda getting tired or bored with 'Facebook.' Dare I say it? Out of the 3600 "friends" and counting, I might know about 30 people. I don't know anyone else! I'm starting to get too many invites to clubs and crap in my inbox. I'm even getting invited to stuff by people I haven't 'friended.' I'm getting invites by clubs and crap that I don't care about. It's all starting to be too much. I don't like living in this imagined world of "friends." I want real relationships - real friends...uh uh oh wait...I live in Hollywood. That's right, I forgot...maybe I should stay on Facebook so that I can stay in touch with my imaginary "friends" on the East Coast.

Happy Real New Year!