Saturday, December 25, 2010



I am grateful to be blessed in so many many ways.

Thanks to God for my talent.
Thanks to Mom for your prayers.
Thanks for my friends.
Thanks to my fans for your support.

Please give to the poor.
Help the ones who have no voice.

Peace & Joy. Blessings.

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Finally landed in San Antonio, TX at Mom's house. Getting ready for the BIG night Dec. 23.

The street team is going out to distribute flyers everywhere.

I'm planning a fun and special show for my hometown.

The full page ad came out in The San Antonio Current newspaper. Tickets are selling fast already!

The Bonham Exchange
Dec. 23 / 9pm

Friday, December 10, 2010


This happened Dec. 9. Yesterday.
For years I've had bookers who book me for shows in nightclubs. But I've never had a real bonafide Agent in Hollywood.

My agent sent me out to a real actors audition for a major television show yesterday. I made sure I went way early in advance to 20th Century Fox Studios. When I got onto the lot I can't describe the sense of magic that came over me. Most all of the buildings were white Deco Style. I felt like I had landed in a sacred magical land. Dorothy landed in the land OZ. Dare I say I felt a sense of belonging.

Before the audition I asked one of the guys in the go-cart to please help me find Building 226. He said "hop on, I'll take you there." It was so glamorous! Gliding through the lot to my destination. Once there I located the exact room and left; I had time to kill. Sooo....

I decided to walk around the lot and explore. I saw posters for the various 20th Century Fox movies including the current "Black Swan."

Marilyn Monroe was with 20th CENTURY FOX. There was a giant mural painted on one of the buildings that could only be seen when you're in the lot. I pulled out my cell phone and pretended to be talking on it then aimed and clicked a picture of the mural. I was a little paranoid because everybody who walks around has badges. I had NO badge except for the pass inside my shirt pocket.

I went to the gift store. I didn't buy because I told myself, I will be back. Someday I will be back.

I don't know if I did well at the audition, but just being there was cool enough for me.

After the audition, as I was leaving I saw a giant hedge with the Comedy & Tragedy masks sculpted into it. I crossed the green lawn to take a picture with my phone when suddenly a door flies open and a voice yells "Jimmy James what are you doing here?" It was a friend of mine (Emmy Award Winner) is doing some free-lance work on the lot. I started laughing and said "oh you caught me taking pictures..." He quickly pulled out his phone and had me pose by the masks. He also shot me by the 20th Century Fox mural. Thanks Patrick. What magical fun!

Photos of me by: Patrick Harris "Harris of Hollywood"
Later in the evening I was invited to a wonderful little dinner party. They had 2 Emmys on their shelf...Hollywood.

Sunday, December 5, 2010


Note: The show time is going to be 9pm.
That detail will change shortly in the poster.

I'm getting ready to perform in my hometown December 23, 2010.

The last time I played the Historical Bonham Exchange dance club was about 10 years ago. I think it was in 2000.

I'm excited and I'm sure lot's of friends and family will be there. I now am returning with my own hit record and some new material since then.

I happened to buy my ticket way in advance on Southwest Airlines. My direct nonstop LAX to SAT was only $80. YEE HAW!

Thanks to my friend Frank at "WHAT'S HAPPENING MAGAZINE" in Florida for designing my ad & flyers. He has better things to do but I'm glad I talked him into it because he is one of the best at visuals for art direction. I'm so happy with the design. Check out the MM image on the jacket. I'm so glad she fit in the picture.

This new photo was shot by the talented ALAN MERCER in Hollywood, CA.

I'll be performing at the Bonham with a new look, new songs and new show.


Friday, November 26, 2010

8 people. Food for 20.

Yesterday I went to Burbank to my old friend Rita's house for Thanksgiving. There were only 8 of us but they cooked for 20 people. Her girlfriend Jo did such a good job and we all had fun. The people there were in the film and television business including Rita. There was also a manager of musicians there. But all that aside we were all just pigs when it came to the food.

Rita Carreon and I met each other in San Antonio way way back in the day (early 80's) when we both were working for Balloon Expressions - A balloon bouquet delivery company. We would work the phones and take orders as well as inflate the balloons with helium. The company is still there.

It all seems like a lifetime away. I remember telling the owners to buy a theme song I wrote for the company. I got paid $200! This was my first real songwriting gig. I also convinced them that I should dress as Marilyn Monroe to deliver some bouquets to dads on Father's Day.
For an extra fee customers could have the bouquet delivered by Marilyn Monroe. We booked 4 gigs that day and none of the fathers ever suspected that it was a guy dressed as MM. LOL!!!

I'm so glad I have GPS in my car. It is the ONLY way to get around now.

Saturday, November 20, 2010


I've been increasing my network in Los Angeles. I officially moved here Jan. 2010. It's taken 10 months to just now feel like I'm getting somewhere. November is turning out to be very productive. I've secured a legitimate agent. I've performed for several private functions: The Trevor Project, Judy Tenuta's Birthday party and a couple other private parties.

Here in LA when you perform, you never know who is watching you. Practically everybody is in the entertainment industry on some level. Everybody is connected. I'm also reading some good industry books. One of the books I'm reading is "When I Stop Talking You'll Know I'm Dead" by Jerry Weintraub. It's an inside look at the behind the scenes business of shows.

I also have been meeting with some clubs in Palm Springs, CA. I have always liked Palm Springs. There's a unique feeling you get when you go there. I'm also in love with modern and mid-century architecture. The mountain views are majestic. There are no tall buildings there so as not to obstruct the views.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm having meetings again in LA. It's going very well. I've written a new song that these new producers LOVED. I can't wait to get it produced and tell you what the song is. Right now I can tell you it's very European Dance sounding. I think the lyrics are very of the moment.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


In September I had to leave LA to Texas.
First of all my niece Briana was celebrating her 21st Birthday. She's almost as old as I am! Wink.
It was nice to see mom who lives next door to my sister Jodie (Briana's mom).

After a couple days in San Antonio, I had to leave to Laredo, TX (where I was born) to help with my Uncle Carlos' estate. My Uncle Frank picked me up in San Antonio and we drove out.
I took a picture of the highway on the way to Laredo. We also stopped at Garcias Cafe. It was trippy. There were farmers and ranchers all having lunch. Many of them wearing cowboy hats. I didn't feel weird because even in shorts and Tshirt I get mistaken for being a woman. LOL! No makeup, No wig. "What can I help you with ma'me?"

Going to Laredo was bringing back so many memories of long ago. I had very humble beginnings. My life is so far away from this region but it was humbling to go back. I was reminded of how far I've come since my life in the little house at 1302 Kearney St.

My job (for 2 weeks) in Laredo was to help out. I took pictures of everything in my deceased uncles' home and catalogued it. I started a Facebook for him showing all his stuff for the family to claim what they want. Tedious - yes but I was fine doing it because my uncle was very kind and helpful to everyone in the family. He never wanted to be thanked or expected anything in return. He was successful in business and never minded sharing. He was a good man. Uncle Carlos (Mom's brother) unexpectedly passed away in his sleep Dec. 2, 2009.

We are in the process of selling his house and factory. His property is across from Laredo Community College. They're interested in buying it. We are also going to be selling his 125 acre ranch in Laredo.

When night fell, I was left with one side of the house including my Uncle Carlos' bedroom. I was so spooked! The whole place was filled with figurines and everything was dark decor and old paintings. His home is close to a railroad track where you hear trains all night long. How did he sleep with this? I would NOT sleep on his bed where he died. NO WAY. Luckily there were stacks of new mattresses so I grabbed one and took it to the small screening room just to the side of his bedroom. I threw the mattress on the floor and set myself up nicely. But just outside that screening room was an all dark furniture room.
In LA all of my furniture is white. I'm creeped out by dark decor and furniture at night.

In the screening room off to the side of the bedroom, I had a big flat screen TV to watch. I could make it as loud as I wanted. No one was around. One night I really enjoyed watching the making of "Gone With The Wind." I also caught up on some reading of my Rolling Stone Magazines.

I'm going to include here some photos of the interior of my uncle's house. You can get a visual of my surroundings.

One particular picture is of a coffee table in the sitting room just to the side of his bedroom. I tried to sleep there on a sofa the first night but I was bothered and creept out. I got out of the room and grabbed a mattress and moved to the screening room. You'll see the photo of the coffee table full of ORBS! OMG! Spooky! Creepy!

There were lots of gothic decor and a creepy life-size coat of armor man. It was scaring me at night. It stood right outside the kitchen entrance and that was an great way of keeping me from going in there for a late night snack.

You could say I've already had an early Halloween. So I'm done with spooky for a while.

When I got back to LA, I made an appearance for OUT-Q SIRIUS Radio (Oct. 1) with my pals Derek & Romain. They were in for Gay Days at Disney. They held interviews for several hours at The House of Blues upstairs patio. It was fun to see my pals in California. I was on air for about 20 minutes. It flew by because we had fun. Laredo seemed so far away from and like a spooky dream I had. Early Halloween.

Friday, September 10, 2010


Sometimes you just have to get away from your office and enjoy a little of what California has to offer. I made plans with a couple of friends to go to Griffith Observatory. A lot of the the stuff in there is extremely fascinating. But I really LOVED sitting in the cool dark Planetarium to watch the show of planets. The woman narrating the show (live) had a very soothing hypnotic voice. I told her after the show I really enjoyed her voice.

The last time I went to a planetarium I was a child on a field trip.
Now that I know how to get there, I would like to go again to this observatory. Thank you Griffith J. Griffith for the park and the observatory you left to the city of Los Angeles.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


I flew to Houston, TX for a gig on August 14 & 15 at a Performing Arts Center. I was hired as opening act for the ABBA tribute band called "ABBA The Concert."
They were actually quite good. They had about 14 members total. The 2 night concert was sponsored by IKEA and CHEVRON oil. The original dummer was in the show and also the original saxaphone player. All of the members were from Sweden. This is probably the closest I could ever get to actually listening to an ABBA concert.

There were several highlights in the ABBA show but I especially liked when the blond one sang "The Winner Takes It All." ABBA has so many incredible pop songs. The songs just keep going living on like The Beatles.

The Stafford Centre is just outside of Houston in Stafford, TX. I have been to this place before about 5 years ago I opened for The Turtles. It was nice that the promoter called me back for a return engagement. I sold out of all my CDs as I did last time. I feel good that my performance of Voices has a broad appeal for everybody. I opened the show with "Famous" then did the Voices and ended with "Fashionista." The older people of course related to the Voices while some of the younger (girls especially) told me that they play "Fashionista" all the time for dance routines or fashion shows.

This picture is the ONLY picture I have of me and ABBA because although I took tons of pictures, and video from the wings of them performing live on stage, I accidentally erased them ALL from my camera. I still don't know what I did. Oh well.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


I finally bought a car! I officially moved to LA January 2010. But I did not get a car right away.
I was able to borrow my roommates car often. We only have 1 parking space (for her car) and I'm supposed to park on the street. I wasn't in a big rush.

But alas, as time has gone on, I've been able to meet more people, have more meetings so it was time! I finally NEEDED to get my own car. I went to a dealer close by on Fairfax Ave. here in West Hollywood. JT Auto Connection specializes in Volvos, Mercedez, Saab, Jaguar, Volks Wagon etc... It's a small car lot and they seem to hand pick certain cars that are in relatively good shape and they sell them for a reasonable price.

I saw this little Volvo. I test drove it then eventually had my mechanic inspect it. I got it for a very nice price. It drives great! It looks very nice with leather seats and it seems to be very well taken care of. Sun roof too.

Needless to say I'm going everywhere and constantly busy. Movies, restaurants, friends houses, meetings, shopping, sight-seeing etc...

I've been unleashed.

I'm trying to ad more pix of the car but this blog is not letting me. I'll have to try again later.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I'm posting this July 7, 2010 late at night. I'll come back and write about my mini tour on July 1, 2, 3, 4. I'm just too sleepy to write too much right now.

July 4th crowd at The Parliament House in Orlando, FL.
I also did shows the night before, outdoors on the main stage by the pool and in The Footlight Theater inside. Lots of fun!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

JOLTED INTO WORKING! Where's my headdress?

This coming Independence weekend is going to be a hectic one for me especially because I've been on vacation chillin' out in San Antonio. I'm gearing up for this literally. I have new costumes to wear and new headdresses too. I'm going to play some new territories in Michigan where I've never been before.

July 1 at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks, MI. July 2 I play The Dunes Resort in Saugatuck, MI. And July 3 I play the massive Parliament House in Orlando, FL. You are nobody in the dance music world unless you play the main stage of Parliament. It's an institution. It's been around for 35 years! In the nightclub world that's major. I'm excited!

Wheewww! Jolted into! Who wants that?

Friday, June 18, 2010

Landed in San Antonio for Vacation

Baby James Laredo, TX
(long time ago)

I suppose a lot of people get away to vacation but I'm lucky enough to be able to visit family in a town that is a vacation spot. Although my Mom's house is in quiet suburbia it's such a nice relaxing oasis from everything. I still have my room here with all my things. I'm able to get away from LA and in the past from New York City, to just chill. I think I've said this before but I could almost take a year off and work on projects here. I have storage, costumes, fabrics, memorabilia, photographs, music, on and on .... Tons of tapes that need to be transferred and put on YouTube etc... lots of stuff that needs to be sorted and organized.

I come here and time flies. No sooner do I start a project and I gotta go back to LA or New York. I have an idea for a book about my life but I have to go through thousands of photographs to help me remember everything. It would take time to sort it out. A few years ago I put together a book idea of my Marilyn years and I'm now trying to find it.

I don't live like a hoarder, I keep all the stuff in storage so I don't have to look at it. But once I start looking into stuff, I open Pandora's box. My career has now spanned 27 years!
I started performing professionally in 1983. I have not had a "regular" job since then. I saved a lot of memorabilia over time in anticipation that the day may come when I might want to write a book about my life. Maybe I'm feeling that time is near. Some of my adventures won't be pretty but some of it will be incredible and fun and funny.

July 1 - I'm playing at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks Township, Michigan.
July 2 - I play The Dunes Resort in Saugatauck, Michigan
July 3 - I play the HUGE complex known as The Parliament House in Orlando, FL. ("Fashionista" was a hit here. I will be performing outdoor to tons of people)

I'm excited to do all these gigs and then I'll play The Rrazz Room in San Francisco July 31.

I'm not performing in Provincetown this Summer. I'd rather wait to return next year with a fresh new show. I've never liked over-exposure even though right now I'm feeling a little under exposed. Tomorrow's a new day and there's always a chance to keep on keepin' on. Look at Betty White. When you catch a wave, you ride it.

I recently saw Joan River's documentary "A Piece of Work." INCREDIBLE! So much inspiration for anyone who has a dream, whatever it may be. You just keep working at it. Never give up. You have to put yourself out in the rain to get struck by lightning.

In closing I have to say, I feel very peaceful whenever I come to San Antonio. I feel like my skin glows more, my eyes are bright and refreshed. Maybe it's because I get a lot of sleep, maybe because I have less stress, who knows but I feel rejuvenated here? I'm so lucky and grateful I have this little place where I can get away from everything.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The ABBEY West Hollywood & I got GLEE'D!

I performed this past Monday May 17, at the famous ABBEY CLUB in West Hollywood on Robertson. Candis Cayne asked me to fill in for her night because she had to go to Atlanta to shoot a LIFETIME movie for TV.

The crowd was packed and really really holding on and not leaving the room. Attention spans can be very short at this type of venue. My voice was in rare form as I sang:
Where Is My Man..Eartha Kitt
The Man I Love........ Judy Garland / Billie Holiday
Cher Medly
I'm Not A Girl.....Britney Spears
Evergreen..........Barbra Streisand (it came out xtra good)
I Try.................Macy Gray
8 Divas..............8 voices in 1 song

It was so much fun and reminded me of my days in New York City in the West Village when I used to play once a week for 5 years at a little club called PIECES (6th Ave. & Christopher St.).
I used it as a workshop to practice my skills.

I goofed around and talked about current events. It was a little bit stand-up and music too. Some performance art too where I kinda make the audience feel kind of uncomfortable then bring it back to comedy and relieve them. Thanks Candis for letting me fill in!


The latest discovery of FASHIONISTA usage. These kids are GREAT! Big smile from me and I definitely approve!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PRE MOTHER'S DAY w/ Mom & Denver gigs!

Pix from ROCK BAR promotional appearance for Lannie's ClockTower Cabaret in Denver.

I'm finally back in LA.
Last week I went to San Antonio to visit Mom on the days before Mother's Day because I knew I'd be in Denver for Mom's day. I worked at Lannie's ClockTower Cabaret and also made an extra appearance at Tracks Dance Club to do a quick guest appearance. I also stopped into Rock Bar to visit my friend RockStar Aaron. He DJs there on Friday nights so I went into the DJ booth to do a little bit of "Fashionista."

My shows did very well at Lannie's and I was in great voice. I was able to take out to lunch, on Mother's Day, Kirk Montgomery from the channel 9News. I was so greatful for the plug he gave my show over the news.

I'm back in LA working on projects. It never ends but I'm not complaining. It's all good.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you have friends in Denver send them to the club. May 8th (2 shows) & May 9.

is a cozy glamorous venue underneath the Denver downtown Clocktower. It'll be my 4th time back.
They serve delicious cocktails and appetizers.

I'm also playing at TRACKS Dance club on Friday May 7. It's a Dance Club where I will be doing a quick promo appearance around 11:00pm. I'm singing "Fashionista" "Famous" and "Walking In Memphis" from my FOREVER CHER album by "Dark Lady" (me).


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mom is getting around just fine. She is making a full recovery and I'm so grateful for this. She is healthy and is getting back into her usual routines.

I came to San Antonio for the week before Mother's Day to be with mom and family. I have to be in Denver, CO for this weekend. I perform at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret in downtown Denver.

I'm also researching music for reinventing my show. I'm feeling antsy and adventurous. It's time to change things up and move forward again. I'm exploring a lot of things. Maybe I don't want to sing as much. Although, for some reason my voice is better than ever. Ever since leaving New York, my voice got better. I'm not sure why that is. I'm not sure what the cause is but my voice has never been clearer, richer or better. Maybe I've just gotten better at using the instrument. I wonder how long this good streak will last.

I've kinda been missing doing makeup. I kinda see people on tv or in real life and I think I could help them in the makeup department. Who knows...I'm feeling like going on some kind of adventure.


The photo above is little JIMMY JAMES by my Dad James Johnson. Laredo, TX (don't ask what year).

Monday, April 19, 2010

Mom's Surgery. She's ALIVE!

I'm not going to talk about my career and things I've been working on.

Something more important was pending in my life - my mother.

I flew from LAX to San Antonio, TX to be by my Mom's bedside along with my sisters and nieces and nephews. Mom was to undergo surgery for a blocked artery on the left side of her neck.

THANK YOU to all my friends and family who prayed and sent good wishes for my Mom to pull through. The surgery was very scary for all us especially since my Mother has never had any surgery in her life.

She pulled through quicker than expected. Surgery was only about 90 minutes. The Doctor said it was easier than expected. She spent only one night in the hospital and was back home the next day. I am so grateful to have her back. The photo here was just before surgery. I know I'm smiling but I was wracked with nerves.

There is no love like a mother's love. She has handled and done so many things for me in my life and she's irreplaceable.


Thursday, March 25, 2010


Saturday March 20th I performed in Pamona, CA for the Victorian chapter of The Red Hat Ladies. I did it to support my friend and Headdress Designer Shawn Lochridge. He is so talented and creative that I want to help him anyway I can.

I met so many lovely ladies. All adorable, sweet and fun. There were about 200 in the luncheon and the models were backstage. They are Red Hat Ladies of another chapter. I never knew what Red Hat Ladies were until now.

Everybody painted out of their minds. Several makeup artists were on hand to glamorize. I helped out too. I did the makeup for the lady in pink.

You can click the link below to see a slide show of the backstage photos of everybody getting ready set to my song 'FASHIONISTA.'

Sunday March 21, 2010:
I performed at The Celebration Theater for Ryan O'Conner's one man show.

Monday March 22:
In the evening I picked up Lady Bunny who is visiting from New York and we went to see some comics at The Improve. It was the side annex and odd. Selene Luna was hosting and she was fun also Justin Martindale was funny. Afterwards Bunny & I and Corey & Andy went to have dinner at Bossa Nova on Rovertson. Good Brazilian food.

Tuesday March 23:
This was a fun full day! First thing in the morning I answered interview questions for Joshua Miller:

I also got confirmation from Chad Michael's that I can do a guest spot at RAGE in WeHo March 30th to promote my UPRIGHT CABARET gig. Very cool. Chad Michael's "Dream Girls Revue" is a long running drag show that has a different show every week.

Then Shawn Lochridge came to pick me up to go to downtown LA to shop for fabrics and jewels and get ideas for some looks for me. We met some cute young girls who are dancers and I told them they should dance to my song "FASHIONISTA" and they got excited because they have it on their myspace page. Wooohooo! I love that. I gave them hugs. They were so sweet.

Late afternoon Shawn and I went to a costume designer in Whittier to have a meeting. The kind of clothes and looks I'm going for are going to be different and eye-catching. Mainly Japanese inspired. I love Issey Miyake stuff.

Shawn and I returned to West Hollywood to meet up with a friend (Gary) and we had dinner at Merricks Mexican Restaurant. Stuffed our faces!

Wednesday March 24:
I never take naps but since I'm trying to ween off of sugar, by 12 noon I fell into a deep sleep for 3 hours. I felt so groggy. I'm not doing anything too drastic, just cutting back on anything with high fructose and wherever else I can cut. I don't know if this is going to work but I'm experimenting.

Thursday March 25:
Kinda groggy again due to low sugar intake but I did laundry. I'm excited. I have my airline ticket to Tahoe to go look at a possible casino/hotel to play in the near future.

I'll take pictures of Tahoe and the venue for you to see. I'll write next week.


Thursday, March 4, 2010



I'm posting this MARCH 8, 2010.

This past Monday night, March 1, I made a quick appearance at CLUB 11 in West Hollywood for their Musical Mondays. The night is dedicated to Broadway musicals. All guests have to do Broadway style songs and music. So I did my impression of Cher doing "Memory" from 'CATS.' Just before that I did an acappella of Liza singing "Maybe This Time."

Tuesday, March 2, I helped host the club night 'MR. BLACK' at a space where the Spider Room used to be. It's across the street from Capitol Records on Vine above Hollywood Blvd. I had my picture taken with Guy from "Chelsea Lately." I don't think he knows who I am but he was very sweet to pose in a picture with me. He seems very nice. Maybe I'll get to know him better later.

Wednesday, March 3, in the day, I went to a laundermat to do tons of laundry - MY OWN LAUNDRY! Does that sound like I've "Gone Hollywood???" I don't think so. Also today my TV producer pitched my reality show, "Re-Inventing Jimmy James" to VH1. Fingers crossed. It would so nice to be on VH1. Whatever happens I'm just grateful to have interest.
I went to Vegan Glory restaurant tonight with my friend Brandt.

Thursday, March 4, I got a call from a Theatrical Agent who wants to meet with me March 11 about representing me Theatrically and for Voice-Over work. Fingers crossed. Who knows what will happen. I'm just happy I get a call like this.

Friday March 5, I performed to a wildly enthusiastic fun audience who gave me 3 standing ovations! My voice was in excellent condition. I worked hard prior to the show with a 3hour sound check/ rehearsal. HARD WORK! Chilly weather and rain in LA today.
People who work at 'Chelsea Lately' showed up and bought CDs. They said they would spread the word and come again next month. Yay!

Saturday, March 6, it poured rain like crazy here in LA. It put a damper on my attendance. But still the fabulous Oscar nominated and Grammy Award winning stylist from 'Sex In The City' and 'Devil Wears Prada' PATRICIA FIELD showed up and it was a fun show.
Patricia was in LA from NY to be a style reporter for The Associated Press.
(click 'Red Carpet').

Sunday, March 7, was a day of rest for me finally. I went to hang out with Patricia Field and my friend Armen Ra who did her makeup for the AP Live Internet show. Pat had a room at the new 'W' Hotel in Hollywood. She came back to the room after her commentary, to watch The Acadamy Awards on the big flat screen tv. We ordered room service and had a nice glamorous relaxing time.

If I've "Gone Hollywood" how come I still do my own laundry and hang out with New Yorkers???

Here's the show list for The Upright Cabaret:

Thanks to everybody who came to see me at The Upright Cabaret!

I'm doing it again April 2 & 3.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Blast from the Past

Just a little blast from the past. Greg released this on Facebook. It's from the last official photo shoot of me as Marilyn Monroe. New York City 1997 or '98. Photographer: Greg Vonmirsky.

At the end I pretty much had perfected the look to best the best of my abilities. I took it as far as I was willing to take it. I wasn't feeling it anymore. I did the MM thing for about 14 years and I was ready to evolve and move on. I was anxious to go forward and not look back. I have no regrets.

It was a special moment in time and I have no desire to repeat it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Even if you never knew she was a beautiful movie star... even if you had never heard of her... you'd still want to know who she was just by the sound of her voice and the way she talks. Such a sweet voice. Marilyn sounds relaxed, poised, intelligent and real. You can hear the charisma in her voice. This is NOT as dumb blond.

Here is an interview with Marilyn Monroe from one of my favorite YouTube channels devoted to her. He does a great job collecting footage. Check out YouTube channel: 77marked

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Here are the Bookmarks that my graphics guy designed for me. Instead of 4x6 flyers (boring) I wanted him to make me some bookmarks because they are useful and also advertise my show.

There are some serious talks going on with my management and a hotel casino in Lake Tahoe. I would be headlining my own show there. We'll see what transpires and I'll let you know.

I now wake up early everyday (around 8:00am) and work at my new desk. I see the gorgeous sunshine coming through my big windows and all things seem possible. Usually between 12pm & 3pm I'll go out for a jog and then get back to work later on.

Monday, February 22, 2010


So much has been going on in February and I've been gathering the info and pictures for you.

Not only will he be able to finally get my web site together, he's also great at graphic design for CD covers, Business cards, Flyers, Posters etc, etc... He can do everything I need to pull my image together for all kinds of products that I have planned. I'm anxious to open my web store soon. I love having products to sell because I'm very conscious of detail and quality.

I'm also going to have mp3s!!! on my web site for people to purchase and download. My own recordings are soon going to be available!!! This is all new technology.
I have at least 4 albums right now that I want to upload on the site. I have entire albums that were always popular and sold very well at my shows but were never particularly available in a store.

Feb. 4, 2010 my new business cards came in. Here's the front and back. You should be able to click on the images to see them close-up:

This has just happened and it's going to be good! I am carefully piecing together a team for myself. I will give you more details as soon as I can.

February 6, I went to Traver Rains photography showing in his Hollywood Studio and it was a blast. Traver was 1/2 of the design team HEATHERETTE in NY. A few years ago we were all in NYC and now he's moved out here to rock & roll. The party was fun and he sold all his photos. They were very cleverly framed. Big success!
Posing in front of a Traver Rains chained mirror.

Galen, me, Traver.

Jeni with a Traver Rains blood stain effect dress.

Lots of people at the show. He sold lots of pictures. I should have stolen something.

Around Feb. 10: While the East Coast was being slammed with snow...

For all the years when I impersonated MM, I only had access to pictures, movies, videos, stories of actual accounts of meeting her etc...
Nothing ever came as close as when I ran into the Madame Tussauds Marilyn on Hollywood Boulevard! OMG! I was mesmerized by this incredible life-like sculpture. I have to say, that this has to have been the closest I have ever come to her in 3 dimensions. I was spellbound. The DETAILS were impeccable. I took pictures of my friend Armen Ra with her. He took pictures of me with her too but I was dressed so crappy that day, I don't want to show them.
What do you think of her? CLICK ON THE PIX TO ENLARGE.
Here are my critiques (mind you I'm being extremely picky):
I Think the top of the hair needs have more weight but they did a great job.
The eyebrowns need to be darker and more of a peek in the middle.
The eyeliner needs the MM secret lining.
The nose needs to be smaller.
The mouth should be smaller.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Headdress, Justin Bond, Ryan Raftery, TommyBoy Records!


Here's a photo from Odyssey Magazine, LA of me after my show at The Upright Cabaret. Headdress by Shawn Lochridge. I wish I had a better picture but I was too busy performing to worry about my own camera.

The following weekend (Jan. 29-30) I got to see Justin Bond from NYC perform at The Upright Cabaret last Friday. Justin Bond has played Carnagie Hall as Kikki of "Kikki & Herb." He also was in the movie "Short Bus" by John Cameron Mitchell.

Ryan Raftery also performed wildly (Saturday night). He's appeared on "Ugly Betty" among other things as well. Both performers packed the place. They're my friends so I was very proud of them. Both have too many credits for me to mention right here but you can Google them.

Justin Bond on stage and afterwards signing merch. I loved when he sang Joni Mitchell's "Court & Spark."

Ryan on stage singing and dancing with a full band. They're all very talented.
It just keeps feeling like I'm still in New York. I still have New York friends here in LA and I see my New York performer friends in clubs. Maybe it's just beginners luck.
I didn't trade off the people - just the weather. LOL!

Speaking of New York ... this past Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 1 & 2) MORE NEW YORK at my door step in LA. Tom Silverman and his lovely wife Donna invited my friend
Armen Ra ( and I to The Roxy to see some musicians performing for The NEW MUSIC SEMINAR. Among the several performers, we got to see: Semi Precious Weapons rock the house. Adam Lambert was there rocking out.

Silverman was also very generous to have Armen and I attend the SEMINAR at the Henry Fonda Theater as his guests. It was an all day event (9am-7pm). So many great speakers to discuss the future of the music business. I absorbed everything and took notes. So much to learn.

Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy Records) opens the day with a speech about the current state and future of music.

Music Industry experts!

So lucky to hear these people give advice. Lead singer from Semi Precious Weapons (in nude boots) who we saw perform the night before. Another New Yorker. He and his band are opening for Lady GaGa's tour 2010.

Some advice from Music Industry Expert - Martin Atkins. I bought his book: "TOUR:SMART...And Break The Band"
Really good book about music biz.

Ok, so it's my fault I'm inconsistent with my blog. TeeHee...