Friday, December 10, 2010


This happened Dec. 9. Yesterday.
For years I've had bookers who book me for shows in nightclubs. But I've never had a real bonafide Agent in Hollywood.

My agent sent me out to a real actors audition for a major television show yesterday. I made sure I went way early in advance to 20th Century Fox Studios. When I got onto the lot I can't describe the sense of magic that came over me. Most all of the buildings were white Deco Style. I felt like I had landed in a sacred magical land. Dorothy landed in the land OZ. Dare I say I felt a sense of belonging.

Before the audition I asked one of the guys in the go-cart to please help me find Building 226. He said "hop on, I'll take you there." It was so glamorous! Gliding through the lot to my destination. Once there I located the exact room and left; I had time to kill. Sooo....

I decided to walk around the lot and explore. I saw posters for the various 20th Century Fox movies including the current "Black Swan."

Marilyn Monroe was with 20th CENTURY FOX. There was a giant mural painted on one of the buildings that could only be seen when you're in the lot. I pulled out my cell phone and pretended to be talking on it then aimed and clicked a picture of the mural. I was a little paranoid because everybody who walks around has badges. I had NO badge except for the pass inside my shirt pocket.

I went to the gift store. I didn't buy because I told myself, I will be back. Someday I will be back.

I don't know if I did well at the audition, but just being there was cool enough for me.

After the audition, as I was leaving I saw a giant hedge with the Comedy & Tragedy masks sculpted into it. I crossed the green lawn to take a picture with my phone when suddenly a door flies open and a voice yells "Jimmy James what are you doing here?" It was a friend of mine (Emmy Award Winner) is doing some free-lance work on the lot. I started laughing and said "oh you caught me taking pictures..." He quickly pulled out his phone and had me pose by the masks. He also shot me by the 20th Century Fox mural. Thanks Patrick. What magical fun!

Photos of me by: Patrick Harris "Harris of Hollywood"
Later in the evening I was invited to a wonderful little dinner party. They had 2 Emmys on their shelf...Hollywood.

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