Monday, July 21, 2014

JIMMY JAMES - Famous - The Slideshow

I forgot about this music video we put together for my song: FAMOUS from the album JAMESTOWN on iTunes, Amazon etc...
I wrote the song based on our cultures obsession with fame. BTW it was released before Lady Gaga's album. I did not copy

Saturday, July 5, 2014


I played MARTINI'S ABOVE 4th in San Diego on July 3. I was SOLD-OUT! This is a very nice cabaret, restaurant with a bar that serves 50 different martinis! July 4, I drove back to L.A. There was NO traffic. I made a pit stop to Carlsbad. Seams like a beach town. I gotta Google this place. I hear they have nice beaches.

I drove all the way to my friend's house in Sherman Oaks in the hills where he was having a 4th of July party with a pool and karaoke machine inside. Food, fun & friends. I finally made it back to my apt at 1:50p.