Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm having meetings again in LA. It's going very well. I've written a new song that these new producers LOVED. I can't wait to get it produced and tell you what the song is. Right now I can tell you it's very European Dance sounding. I think the lyrics are very of the moment.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


In September I had to leave LA to Texas.
First of all my niece Briana was celebrating her 21st Birthday. She's almost as old as I am! Wink.
It was nice to see mom who lives next door to my sister Jodie (Briana's mom).

After a couple days in San Antonio, I had to leave to Laredo, TX (where I was born) to help with my Uncle Carlos' estate. My Uncle Frank picked me up in San Antonio and we drove out.
I took a picture of the highway on the way to Laredo. We also stopped at Garcias Cafe. It was trippy. There were farmers and ranchers all having lunch. Many of them wearing cowboy hats. I didn't feel weird because even in shorts and Tshirt I get mistaken for being a woman. LOL! No makeup, No wig. "What can I help you with ma'me?"

Going to Laredo was bringing back so many memories of long ago. I had very humble beginnings. My life is so far away from this region but it was humbling to go back. I was reminded of how far I've come since my life in the little house at 1302 Kearney St.

My job (for 2 weeks) in Laredo was to help out. I took pictures of everything in my deceased uncles' home and catalogued it. I started a Facebook for him showing all his stuff for the family to claim what they want. Tedious - yes but I was fine doing it because my uncle was very kind and helpful to everyone in the family. He never wanted to be thanked or expected anything in return. He was successful in business and never minded sharing. He was a good man. Uncle Carlos (Mom's brother) unexpectedly passed away in his sleep Dec. 2, 2009.

We are in the process of selling his house and factory. His property is across from Laredo Community College. They're interested in buying it. We are also going to be selling his 125 acre ranch in Laredo.

When night fell, I was left with one side of the house including my Uncle Carlos' bedroom. I was so spooked! The whole place was filled with figurines and everything was dark decor and old paintings. His home is close to a railroad track where you hear trains all night long. How did he sleep with this? I would NOT sleep on his bed where he died. NO WAY. Luckily there were stacks of new mattresses so I grabbed one and took it to the small screening room just to the side of his bedroom. I threw the mattress on the floor and set myself up nicely. But just outside that screening room was an all dark furniture room.
In LA all of my furniture is white. I'm creeped out by dark decor and furniture at night.

In the screening room off to the side of the bedroom, I had a big flat screen TV to watch. I could make it as loud as I wanted. No one was around. One night I really enjoyed watching the making of "Gone With The Wind." I also caught up on some reading of my Rolling Stone Magazines.

I'm going to include here some photos of the interior of my uncle's house. You can get a visual of my surroundings.

One particular picture is of a coffee table in the sitting room just to the side of his bedroom. I tried to sleep there on a sofa the first night but I was bothered and creept out. I got out of the room and grabbed a mattress and moved to the screening room. You'll see the photo of the coffee table full of ORBS! OMG! Spooky! Creepy!

There were lots of gothic decor and a creepy life-size coat of armor man. It was scaring me at night. It stood right outside the kitchen entrance and that was an great way of keeping me from going in there for a late night snack.

You could say I've already had an early Halloween. So I'm done with spooky for a while.

When I got back to LA, I made an appearance for OUT-Q SIRIUS Radio (Oct. 1) with my pals Derek & Romain. They were in for Gay Days at Disney. They held interviews for several hours at The House of Blues upstairs patio. It was fun to see my pals in California. I was on air for about 20 minutes. It flew by because we had fun. Laredo seemed so far away from and like a spooky dream I had. Early Halloween.