Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Photo by: Michael Andrew Voight. From the Houston photo shoot Easter Sunday. I was shot between show at the downtown HILTON hotel room #18073.
After flying in to San Antonio for 2 weeks to visit Mom, I then took off to Houston to do 2 big shows at F BAR - Houston's newest big dance club. Everyone was so nice and although I don't have pix right now (my camera broke down) something will show up. Someone was video taping and said it would be on YouTube.

 It was a very hectic Easter weekend for me. Saturday night we went out to a restaurant called Benjy's then later a couple of clubs. I ran into my old (very old) friend Lady Bunny who was performing at Guava Lamp and Spinning at The Vue. Then me and my gang went to F BAR with lines wrapped around the building and total crazy fun. Great dance music. We hung out socialized. Everybody kept trying to make me drink but I can't drink anymore. I've lost it - can't stomach the stuff. All liquor now tastes like poison. I can usually have about ONE drink per night,  that's about all I can gag down. I was never a big drinker anyway but I never had such an adverse gag reaction to it either.

Sunday was the big day. Rehearsal at 12:30pm at F BAR. Worked out the choreography with the queens for FASHIONISTA. They were great! By 3pm I was back at the downtown Hilton hotel room #18073 to start painting my face while photographer Michael Andrew Voight set up for a shoot that was to take place between the 5 & 9pm shows.

My Easter Sunday schedule:
11:30 Wake up. Insomnia last night. Coffee. No Breakfast.
12:30pm - Sound check rehearsal.
3:00pm - Back to hotel to paint my face.
5:30pm - pick up from hotel to club.
6:00pm - Show at F BAR.
7:45pm - back to Hilton to do photo shoot.
9:30pm - go back to F BAR to do 2nd show.
10:30pm - sell and sign merch hang out for a bit.
12ish am - go to grab a Mex bite with Photog & his assistant (first time to eat all day).
1:00am - back to the Hilton to finish the photo shoot.
2:00am - All done. Now to pack the explosion up so I can leave tomorrow.
2:30am-3:30am emails / Facebook...Never Twittered today. I had too much to do. Too much on my mind. Too many details to keep in order.

I had to do this all by myself! Unfortunately my assistant could not get time off from work.

The fun continues...

Friday, April 15, 2011


My shows at The CAVERN CLUB THEATER were packed and I got Standing Ovations. I was so happy. Photographer David LaChapelle was there as well as other industry types. The actress Lisa Marie from 'Mars Attacks' was there too. When you perform in LA you NEVER quite know who is in your audience. One of the biggest compliments I got was from someone who had not seen me perform since the late '80s. He said, "I thought your voice was going to be old and rough but it's BETTER than it's ever been." Yay! That was nice to hear. Believe me I have to be so careful not to talk over loud music, I can't drink very much, I have to keep working out, drink lots of water, get enough sleep etc...I have to lead a healthy existence.
Backstage mirror. I look sad but I'm NOT. Just tired after promoting, socializing & 2 nights shows doing those voices. Hard work.
My friend and former assistant Phillip from NY was visiting me for a week and he came to both nights. I was so happy for that. He was always close by for my last years in New York to help me out so much. I felt secure having my rock there for me. Even though I've been performing for 27 years (shhh don't tell anyone)...I still get nervous and scared. I need something to ground me a give me strength. Phil always did that for me. Just knowing someone close by had my back gave me strength.
My former assistant Phil visiting from New York City. We went to the Farmers Market. Maybe he'll move to LA. I think he was really impressed with California. I know he sho wuz popular...lol!
Now I'm in San Antonio visiting Mom before I go do a BIG dance club in Houston called 'F BAR.'  I feel like Dorathy who came back from Oz and woke up in Kansas. I always get that feeling.
I've missed my Mom. Last time I saw Mom was early January 2011. I'm so lucky to have my own room to come back to and come back down to earth. To just be quiet.
My Houston gig. April 24. It's gonna be FUN!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Spring is upon us and I love it. Such a good feeling. My show at The Cavern Club Theater this
April 8 & 9 is selling very well. That makes me so happy. It's a fun room to play and the mix of people I get is great. 

Last night April 5, I went out to see the documentary "Con Artist" a film about Mark Kostabi.

I went with a couple of friends, Phil my friend and assistant from NYC is visiting and staying with me for a week. A talented photographer. Also my longtime friend/artist/painter John Dowd went as well. John is an extremely talented painter who sells out of everything when he has his show at the end of the Season in Provincetown, MA. He's visiting from NY and Provincetown and it was great to see him out here. His work is beautiful and is often compared to Edward Hopper but without people in his paintings. There is a quiet peacefulness to his exquisite works. Serene. I love his way of painting light.

We all liked the Documentary. Kostabi is unusual to say the least. I think his behavior in the doc is left for interpretation. Lusting for fame and undignified shameless self promotion maybe the only answer to avoiding obscurity for some. Enjoy the art sales while you're alive.

Afterwards we went to the Abbey in West Hollywood to have a drink and chat. It was a nice night.