Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Photo by: Michael Andrew Voight. From the Houston photo shoot Easter Sunday. I was shot between show at the downtown HILTON hotel room #18073.
After flying in to San Antonio for 2 weeks to visit Mom, I then took off to Houston to do 2 big shows at F BAR - Houston's newest big dance club. Everyone was so nice and although I don't have pix right now (my camera broke down) something will show up. Someone was video taping and said it would be on YouTube.

 It was a very hectic Easter weekend for me. Saturday night we went out to a restaurant called Benjy's then later a couple of clubs. I ran into my old (very old) friend Lady Bunny who was performing at Guava Lamp and Spinning at The Vue. Then me and my gang went to F BAR with lines wrapped around the building and total crazy fun. Great dance music. We hung out socialized. Everybody kept trying to make me drink but I can't drink anymore. I've lost it - can't stomach the stuff. All liquor now tastes like poison. I can usually have about ONE drink per night,  that's about all I can gag down. I was never a big drinker anyway but I never had such an adverse gag reaction to it either.

Sunday was the big day. Rehearsal at 12:30pm at F BAR. Worked out the choreography with the queens for FASHIONISTA. They were great! By 3pm I was back at the downtown Hilton hotel room #18073 to start painting my face while photographer Michael Andrew Voight set up for a shoot that was to take place between the 5 & 9pm shows.

My Easter Sunday schedule:
11:30 Wake up. Insomnia last night. Coffee. No Breakfast.
12:30pm - Sound check rehearsal.
3:00pm - Back to hotel to paint my face.
5:30pm - pick up from hotel to club.
6:00pm - Show at F BAR.
7:45pm - back to Hilton to do photo shoot.
9:30pm - go back to F BAR to do 2nd show.
10:30pm - sell and sign merch hang out for a bit.
12ish am - go to grab a Mex bite with Photog & his assistant (first time to eat all day).
1:00am - back to the Hilton to finish the photo shoot.
2:00am - All done. Now to pack the explosion up so I can leave tomorrow.
2:30am-3:30am emails / Facebook...Never Twittered today. I had too much to do. Too much on my mind. Too many details to keep in order.

I had to do this all by myself! Unfortunately my assistant could not get time off from work.

The fun continues...

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