Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Spring is upon us and I love it. Such a good feeling. My show at The Cavern Club Theater this
April 8 & 9 is selling very well. That makes me so happy. It's a fun room to play and the mix of people I get is great. 

Last night April 5, I went out to see the documentary "Con Artist" a film about Mark Kostabi.

I went with a couple of friends, Phil my friend and assistant from NYC is visiting and staying with me for a week. A talented photographer. Also my longtime friend/artist/painter John Dowd went as well. John is an extremely talented painter who sells out of everything when he has his show at the end of the Season in Provincetown, MA. He's visiting from NY and Provincetown and it was great to see him out here. His work is beautiful and is often compared to Edward Hopper but without people in his paintings. There is a quiet peacefulness to his exquisite works. Serene. I love his way of painting light.

We all liked the Documentary. Kostabi is unusual to say the least. I think his behavior in the doc is left for interpretation. Lusting for fame and undignified shameless self promotion maybe the only answer to avoiding obscurity for some. Enjoy the art sales while you're alive.

Afterwards we went to the Abbey in West Hollywood to have a drink and chat. It was a nice night.

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