Friday, April 15, 2011


My shows at The CAVERN CLUB THEATER were packed and I got Standing Ovations. I was so happy. Photographer David LaChapelle was there as well as other industry types. The actress Lisa Marie from 'Mars Attacks' was there too. When you perform in LA you NEVER quite know who is in your audience. One of the biggest compliments I got was from someone who had not seen me perform since the late '80s. He said, "I thought your voice was going to be old and rough but it's BETTER than it's ever been." Yay! That was nice to hear. Believe me I have to be so careful not to talk over loud music, I can't drink very much, I have to keep working out, drink lots of water, get enough sleep etc...I have to lead a healthy existence.
Backstage mirror. I look sad but I'm NOT. Just tired after promoting, socializing & 2 nights shows doing those voices. Hard work.
My friend and former assistant Phillip from NY was visiting me for a week and he came to both nights. I was so happy for that. He was always close by for my last years in New York to help me out so much. I felt secure having my rock there for me. Even though I've been performing for 27 years (shhh don't tell anyone)...I still get nervous and scared. I need something to ground me a give me strength. Phil always did that for me. Just knowing someone close by had my back gave me strength.
My former assistant Phil visiting from New York City. We went to the Farmers Market. Maybe he'll move to LA. I think he was really impressed with California. I know he sho wuz!
Now I'm in San Antonio visiting Mom before I go do a BIG dance club in Houston called 'F BAR.'  I feel like Dorathy who came back from Oz and woke up in Kansas. I always get that feeling.
I've missed my Mom. Last time I saw Mom was early January 2011. I'm so lucky to have my own room to come back to and come back down to earth. To just be quiet.
My Houston gig. April 24. It's gonna be FUN!

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