Thursday, October 16, 2014


I've been in San Antonio for a while to celebrate Mom's 80th Birthday! 
At the same time I've been busy scanning photos from my archives (I have thousands). I was ALWAYS and avid photographer. I was keenly aware that time would pass and photos would tell a story. My father was an avid photographer as well. That's where I must have picked it up.

Looking back is great therapy to remind me of how much I've accomplished.  I'm reminded of how determined I was to make something of myself. I had NO time to waste. I was not much of a party person. I was extremely ambitious in my early 20s. While friends of mine were happy to be in bars drinking and throwing darts, I was so anxious to leave Texas and be something. I was getting on TV and being written about in magazines. I'm hoping to do a documentary of my "Marilyn Years" So I'm doing the preliminary work. I'm looking for the team to get this made. In the meantime, I'm preserving these photographs digitally.

So sweet too to see pix of Mom and her support for me over the years. She has been through everything with me -- the ups and downs... I'm so lucky I've had her in my life I could never have asked for a better mother.


Here are some scans from my archives:
 1986 my 1st Summer in Ptown.
Hanging out with Walon Flowers & Madam. This was a magical time for me after leaving my endentured servant days of Atlantic City, NJ.

 JJasMM in the Provincetown parade. With the singer MC of my show Bubba.

 Performing in the basement of the Pilgrim House Hotel. The legendary Madeira Room.

 1987. I was too fat. I checked into a fat farm after this Summer. I tasted success and it tasted so good!

 Crazy closing night Summer of 1986.

This is The Crown & Anchor's main room. Circa 1990. I forgot about this dress in the trunk of a New York cab. So sad. Gone forever.

Visiting Mom from the road. I am rich beyond measure because of her.

 I love this picture! Mom came to Hollywood to see me perform at The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel at the legendary Cinegrill room. I just found this photo. Never knew it existed. Circa 1989 or 90.

 My Mom as a little girl in Laredo, TX. Josefina de Llano. She told me the little care was a light green. Circa 1936.

 Mom goofing around with a blond wig. She's a true brunette. Blond is not her color. Circa 1962.

 Mom at a party. Way back in the day. Much better as a brunette. 

 Dad, Jim Johnson, holding Baby James out like I'm flying. He tried this with my 2 sisters and 1 brother but they would all cry in fear. I look at my face here and see everything I am -- Fearless, ready for adventure, strong, forward and happy for the journey. I think I liked this because it felt like I could fly. I used to have dreams of flying before I was ever on an airplane. Then I started my career and eventually I flew everywhere.

Baby James (Bitch don't ask me what year).

Friday, October 10, 2014


Every last Tuesday of the month (except December).
THANK U PALM SPRINGS! 2 & 1/2 years and going strong!
My show at STREETBAR Sept. 30th was so much fun! Packed! So many people from everywhere find their way to my little 'Work-in Progress' performance.
Working out some eclectic material made for a fun show:
Love The One You're With - Jimmy James
"History Repeating" - Shirley Bassey
"Emotion" - Samantha Sang
"Missing" - Everything But The Girl
"Don't Be Cruel" - Elvis
"Single Ladies" - Liza Minnelli
"Me & Bobby McGee" - Janis Joplin
"Do You Really Wanna Hurt Me" - Culture Club
"Summertime Sadness" - Lana del Ray
"Don't Leave Me This Way" - Cher
"Together In Electric Dreams" - Jimmy James