Saturday, December 19, 2009


My "singing" impersonation of Bette Davis set to some of her movie clips.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Private party in Boston. Freezing relapse of sickness!

This past weekend I flew to Boston to perform at a private Christmas party in a very nice home. Everything was perfect. The hosts were very sweet. My voice was great. BUT..... it was freeeeezing cold in Boston and I'm in San Antonio now relapsed in sickness with a cough. I'm so glad I have this time off for the Holidays.

I hate Winter. I hate cold weather. I can't deal with it anymore. After 15 years in New York City, I am so over the cold. Back then I was punished with running around the city in the deep freeze of Winter all the time. I didn't have an office job. My job is running around town to get things done.

I gave it up when I left Feb. 25, 2009. I now live in Sunny Hollywood California. I'm spoiled. I love New York but it's only going to be for visiting now.

Anyway, I don't have a fever but I have a cough. Lungs hurt and the cough hurts.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Passing, The Surviving, The Good Wishes

I'm getting my strength back. Oh and that damn appetite too...crap! The Swine flu was not fun. I'm glad that is over with. Ok for sure next year, I'll get the flu shot. I've never had one before. I'm always on the fence about getting the shot.

My Mom called me to tell me that my Uncle Carlos deLlano died in his sleep of a heart attack. I was very sad and cried as I flashed back to how funny he could be. He gave me my first job in San Antonio when I was a teenager. I remember getting my first paycheck of $85.00 and how good it felt to have my own money. Uncle Carlos was in the cabinet making business (interior construction). He was always generous to his family. He helped anybody who needed help and never wanted you to thank him. Uncle Carlos was only in his 60's. He will be missed.

I want to give a shout out to Mike V who struggled with his own heart problems but he's come through and thank God, he's going to be around to give everybody hell. GET WELL MIKE! Eat your veggies and STOP SMOKING! We need you around. I need you around so I can keep hearing tell me how fabulous I!!!

I went to see the movie "Precious" yesterday. I liked it. But I didn't cry. It was sad but not as sad as I thought it was going to be. Overall a good movie. Some good acting. I enjoyed getting to see Mariah from the left side of her face (she only likes to be photographed from the right). It was a treat.

I'm flying to Boston this Friday to do a private party on Saturday. Then Sunday I'll fly to San Antonio for the Holidays.

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! PEACE ON EARTH.

All my love,

Monday, November 30, 2009

H1N1!!! SWINE FLU! Sad Turkey day :(

Well, I was feeling really good and healthy. I was back to running (I took October off and did not run) and really enjoying myself here in Southern Cali. I flew out to Columbus, OH (Oct. 20) to do a gig at Wall Street Nightclub (Oct. 21). My voice was so good and because they have video screens all over the club, I did my full multi-media show. The crowd seemed to be loving me. I had fun.

I had been stuggling that day with an annoying little cough. Actually the cough started in LA on Friday my travel day. After Saturday night's show when I finally got to bed, the next day I woke up very fluish. OH MY GOD! Please don't tell me I have to travel like this.

I was able to find a window seat to lean against and doze off and on for the long flight back.

I paid the cab driver extra to take my bags up one flight of stairs because I was too weak to do it myself. I collapsed in my bed and proceeded to have a miserable week of illness.
I caught the H1N1 SWINE FLU! The next 2 days were the roughest because I was delirious and sleeping a lot. I constantly drank my water which was by my bed at all times.

Thanksgiving was sad. I stayed at home all by myself just watching TV. My roommate spent the night at her friend's house. The Swine flu is a good diet because you don't feel like eating anything. But you feel miserable.

Today is Monday and I'm up and about slowly. Baby steps.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I hit the ground running. As soon as I landed Friday before Halloween, I was setting up meetings.
Halloween in West Hollywood was a disaster. FAR TOO CROWDED for me to even bother. Thousands & thousands of people are on Santa Monica Blvd. Why did I even bother? I came home early. I paint my face for a living - I live Halloween. Everytime I do a show I'm scarring people.

After that I was loaded with meetings and filming the very last parts of my reality show pilot. It's being edited now and he should be pitching it in the next couple of weeks. Fingers Crossed.

I wake up earlier in LA because of the sunlight here. This is good, I have full days. I feel like I'm back in showbiz.

So tired right now. I'm going to bed by 1am! Usually on the East Coast, I would get to bed at 4, 5, or 6am.

Good Night John Boy...don't fart.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

6 days left in San Antonio before returning to LA.

Just a simple view from my bedroom window in San Antonio. It's peaceful bland suburbia. It's nice for a while.

I have 1 more week here in San Antonio before I go back to Los Angeles (Oct. 30th). I can't live in SA forever, it's too boring, but for me it's a refuge - an oasis away from the pressures of LA or NY.

I have a lot of meetings waiting for me in LA and it's time to get back to work. I'm ready.

Shawn Lochridge is going to make 2 more headdresses for me. I'm meeting with people in the music business and finishing up the last bits of interview work for the reality show (fingers crossed). I've watched some of these reality shows... maybe I'm not enough of a mess for these shows. All these reality show people are talentless nothings. You waste your time watching this shit.

Then you'll see someone on TV like Susan Boyle (double chin, middle aged, lacking in current standards of image...wheeew thank God, I don't have jump off the building just who can just stand there to sing mesmerizing audiences of all ages who are hungry to hear her God given talent. Hope is renewed. Talent is Divine and speaks to the soul. Reality shows with idiots are man-made and speak to nothing except other idiots. Time suckers.

I keep watching this video over and over. It was shot beautifully. Susan Boyle is a talented singer. The song "Wild Horses" was written by Keith Richards & Mick Jagger - talented musicians. Rolling Stone listed this as one of the top 500 songs of all time. I watch this and I don't give a shit what the Kardashians are doing.

While I'm in San Antonio, I still do my work but I'm more relaxed here and kind of sloth it a bit. It's healthy to take a break from showbiz. I get grounded here but I couldn't live this life forever. I have 2 lives in my Gemini life - 'Showbiz' & 'Regular.'

We celebrated Mom's 75th Birthday (Oct. 19). I'm grateful to still have her around. We showered her with a party and gifts. My Mom has always handled my bookkeeping. I'm very blessed and lucky to have her. I cherish the time I can spend with Mom and love her very much.
Here's me with Mom.

The Johnson family 4 kids: (L to R) Jodie, Johnny, Jimmy, Judy & Mom Josephine. My Dad James Johnson past away several years ago. The FAMILY "J."

Here's Grammy with the grand kids: (L to R) Jamie, Jonathan (above), Joey (below), Jennifer (back), Briana.

I bought a fake painting at TJMAXX. I don't like those fake prints but I really liked this one so I put it up in my room. I don't know...I like it. The BLACK TV gets on my nerves. It's so hard to find white TVs. Manufacturers pleeeez make more white TVs! I saw a white flat screen at Sam's Club but it was too big to fit on my 1980's!

I'm so excited!!! I have tickets for Kathy & I to see the Michael Jackson movie this Tuesday @ 11pm.

Friday, October 16, 2009


I relish my time off. I get lots of sleep and work on my own time. If only I could afford to take a whole year off, I would. I have so many projects that I can work on in San Antonio. For starters I need to clear out my storage unit. I also have so many more videos to add on YouTube.

I just recently uploaded my performance as Betty Page (1996) on to YouTube.
1996! Yikes! Time flies! I barely remember this performance but thank goodness I had a friend record it. It was the one and only time I've ever done a Betty Page. Do you remember 1996?! Hardly anyone had a computer and there was NO YouTube! I think I pulled off the 'look' and 'moves' pretty well considering I didn't really know what I was doing. Now that I can look up Betty Page on YouTube, I think some of my moves were pretty close to hers. This night took place at the famous Tuesday night 'Jackie 60' nightclub. Every week was a different theme. It was in New York City's Meat Packing District at the corner of 14th Street & Washington. Back then this area was stinky and seedy but now it's the glamorous home of exclusive shops & restaurants like: Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartny, Pastis, Jeffery and others...

I also uploaded my behind the scenes filming for the Erasure music video "Rock Me Gently (12/1996)." We made a looooong treck to Malaga, Spain from London. First we flew from London to Malaga then drove 3 hours out to nowhere. We could have shot this shit in Palm Springs, CA. LOL! Why did we have to go so far away to this bizarre and desolate location??? LOL! Everybody there was constantly smoking something... There's a whole chapter I could write about this ordeal with Erasure but I won't go into it right now.

One morning I tried to go jogging before shooting and as I went out about a quarter mile, wild dogs came running after me! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! I was terrified and ran as fast as I could back to the shitty hotel and stayed in my room. No jogging for me in Malaga, Spain.

I also uploaded unedited performances (2007) of my show "DIVAS ARE FOREVER" at Helen's Hideaway room (a cabaret) in New York City in heart of Chelsea. I loved this room so much. Unfortunately it's now closed. The audience on this night was kinda dead but I was sold out. They wake up more towards the end of the show. I don't like my makeup. Especially the was too muddy that night.

What's been put up on YouTube is only a tiny tip of the iceberg. I have TONS more video from my career. I really could take a year off here in San Antonio and still not be done with all the projects I could do.

I fly back to Los Angeles October 30th.


JIMMY JAMES as MARILYN MONROE. Behind the Scenes making of Erasure music video.

"DIVAS ARE FOREVER!" Part 1 JIMMY JAMES LIVE in New York City 2007

More of me on YouTube. My channel is: 'ONEANDMANYJIMMYJAMES'

Monday, October 5, 2009

So RELAXING October in San Antonio

I come to San Antonio, TX to visit Mom from time to time just to decompress. I still work from here (computer, emails, gigs etc...). It is so nice to have a place to get away from it all. I have my own room and lots of things I work on while I'm here.

I still have so many projects that I can work on here. I like to land on solid ground here and clear my head. Most everything is white in my room. It's very soothing to me.

I watched an episode of "Rachel Zoe" on TV (fashion stylist reality show) this weekend and she said she likes her house to be all white, because it clears her mind. I usually don't like to waste my time watching reality shows. I'd rather live my own life. But since I have someone working on a reality show for me, I thought I should check some of them out to see what they're about. The only reality show that I've followed is Kathy Griffin 'My Life On the D List' because she's in showbiz and I feel like I can learn from her experiences.

on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28, I took the Bus! The Bus! TO NEW YORK CITY:
When I left Ptown, I took the BUS! (6:30am) I can't believe I took the bus because I never do that and I can't read a bus schedule. It's TOTALLY CONFUSING to me. I have to keep asking, "so when does it leave?" "What do I do again...?" I'm so annoying, because I kinda panic when It comes to taking a bus, it's so foreign to me. I've only ever taken planes and or been driven or I've driven myself to places.

I went to NYC for 2 days to shop in the garment district for fabric. I bought some great stuff and shipped it to San Antonio where some costumes will be made for me.

I shot some final pictures from the bus window just before it left from Ptown.
I have to say that the experience on the bus was not bad at all. I slept for most of it and the driver was speeding (zooming) on the highway passing up cars especially as we got closer to NY. I was in New York City by 2:15pm Monday afternoon. About 7 hours total. Only 2 stops along the way. Not bad. I think I've slightly overcome my anxiety about taking a bus...but it's still a weird thing. The schedules are unreadable. LOL!

Thursday, October 1, 2009


I FINALLY LEFT PTOWN! SUMMER 2009 is officially over. I lingered on in September and it was good business for me. It seems that there is a kinda sophisticated crowd that comes in for September. On Saturday 9/26/09 the final night, I got 4! Standing Ovations! I guess that's why they're sophisticated...they give me standing o'! My show went on for an hour and a half (not the usual 50-60 minutes). I had a full enthusiastic house, there were 2 Batchlerette parties and I was in good voice.

I recorded the final show as I have often done for many years. Towards the end of the show I did Streisand's "Somewhere." That was one of the standing ovations. I amazed myself on that one because I have not sung that in over a decade. My voice has a new resonance that it has never had before. But I'm always afraid of losing it as time goes on. So I don't really drink. Even the martini I drink on stage is fake and just for show - a prop. I don't smoke except when I do a quick 'Bette Davis' but I never inhale. In the past I was always in smoke filled clubs but now that hardly exists so maybe that too has helped to preserve my voice. In any case I'm grateful for this new found resonance in my voice.

I don't think I have ever written my Show List on my blog so here it is:

1. Fashionista (Klubjumpers special remix)

2. God Bless The Child - Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt, Diana Ross

3. Crazy - Patsy Cline

4. Disco Medley: Do You Wanna Dance - Bette Midler
I Love The Nightlife - Alicia Bridges

Do You Wanna Funk - Sylvester

Push Push In The Bush - just a quick finish in my voice.

5. Don't Leave Me This Way - Cher (in Las Vegas. she sang this when I saw her do her disco medly).

6. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas - Judy Garland

7. Maybe This Time - Liza Minnelli (not always in the show)

8. Don't Be Cruel - Elvis Presley

9. Gypsy - Stevie Nicks

10. Stay Gold - Jimmy James "The Marilyn Years" Marilyn Monroe video montage.

11. Whatever Happened To Baby Jane - Bette Davis

12. Feliz Navidad - Bette Davis comedy video.

13. Get Happy / Happy Days Are Here Again - self duet Judy Garland / Barbra Streisand. (Jimmy James as Judy Garland on the video screeen while he sings next to the screen doing Barbra's vocal).

ENCORES: (optional choices)

Summer Sun - Jimmy James

8 Divas

The Way Of Love - Cher

Endless Love - Diana Ross / Lionel Richie

Somewhere - Barbra Streisand (performed only at the end of Season. Extremely difficult to do).



THANK YOU PHYLLIS SCHLOSBERG & DIANE Z for letting me perform in your venue and for always supporting me in Ptown! THE BEST MARQUEE IN TOWN!



Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lingering in Ptown. I still have business!

I am still in Ptown. LOL! I can't seem to leave. I was supposed to leave by now...but...
Well, business is still good for me here. My shows are doing well off Season. I kinda wanna leave now, but hey, people are unemployed in this country and I still have steady work so far without having to board planes and travel or check into hotels etc... Who am I to walk away from this gig right now?

Thanks to everyone who has come to see me in the off Season! It's nice to have a job in one place!

Thursday, September 17, 2009


As a little kid one of my earliest influences in music was Peter, Paul & Mary with their songs "Puff The Magic Dragon" "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Leavin' On A Jet Plane."

Many many years later she was on the same airplane as I was. I wanted to say something but I was too shy and felt like everybody says the same thing to her. I was just so happy to be on the same plane that she was on. And later I watched her at baggage claim with her assistant. It made me happy inside to know that I got a view of one of my idols in real life. She was cool.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Last week in Provincetown. California I'm coming home...

My last weekend to perform in Provincetown, September 17, 18, 19 and maybe 20 (if there are enough people in town).

I leave Wed Sept. 23 to San Antonio to visit Mom for a while then eventually back to my new digs in Los Angeles, California. I was only there for 1 month in May before I had to hit the road again.

Like Joni sings..."California I'm coming home..."

From my YouTube Channel


Sunday, September 6, 2009


This past Friday night September 4, we had the worst crowd ever of the whole Season. Friday nights everywhere always seem to be tricky for some reason. I don't know why but this seems to be universal. My audience this Friday in particular was like the worst of the whole Season. It was like they weren't breathing. The bartender assured me that they were mesmerized by me. I try not to take the quietness personally but inevitably that's what happens. It makes me so nervous and insecure. I need to learn how to overcome these feelings.

The following night, Saturday, was a different story altogether. The crowd was on fire and I think I did some of my best singing. I got 3 Standing Ovations! It was great! Anyway I recorded this show. I gotta figure out how to upload it here so you can hear it.

In the audience was one of the guys from 'Naked Boys Singing' with his Mom and teenage sister. His sister Paige was excited to know that 'Fashionista' was my song because her friend in cheerleader competition won World Cup Championship and my song was part of the music they used. This makes me so happy! I'm also thrilled that I'm in good company as I heard one of my idols - Sylvester is in the medley as well singing his song 'Stars.'

Check out these cheerleaders. They are so good. They won Championship! 'Fashionista' is in the medley.

WORLD CUP 1st Place! 2008

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

FASHIONISTA / "BRING IT ON" Movie Soundtrack

It's official! "BRING IT ON FIGHT TO THE FINISH" is being released and I'm on the soundtrack! I have not seen the movie yet but I'm anxious to see how it's used. This is the 5th installment to these cheerleader movies.

Having my music played in a movie has been a life-long dream of mine.

1. Keke Palmer - Footwurkin' (3:05)
2. Alabina - Ya Mama Ya Mama (4:05)
3. Altar feat Jeanie Tracy - Party People (5:29)
4. Anjulie-Jamba (3:05)
5. christina millan - i gotta get to you (4:05)
6. dj alligator project - the whistle song (3:42)
7. down aka kilo - lean like a cholo (3:18)
8. forever the sickest kids - whoa oh! (ft.selena gomez) (3:29)
9. Freddy Chingaz - Latino Go Dumb (3:20)
11. kat deluna - whine up (johnny vicious remix) (7:26)
12. kottonmouth kings - rock like us (6:29)
13. lady gaga - just dance (3:56)
14. prima j - corazon (you're not alone) (3:08)
15. Secrets in Stereo - Tonight (3:21)
16. secrets in stereo - happy (3:55)
17. superchick - 07 - it's on - beauty from pain (3:28)
18. the veronicas - popular (2:42)

Monday, August 31, 2009


Good show tonight (Sunday night). Standing Ovation. Lots of people were video taping and taking pictures. I allow it. Before the show I stopped by Coconuts to buy some Smith sunglasses. I love sunglasses and preparing myself when I return to beautiful sunny LA. There was a big line forming for my show in front of the Post Office Cafe/Cabaret. I was so happy. I sang my ass off.

Enough said, THIS GIRL HAS IT! SHE'S A STAR!!!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

LILY TOMLIN & HURRICANE DAN almost did me in. Saturday AUGUST 29

The show was fun and great tonight. I was happy to have even just half a house. Tonight I had to compete against Hurricane Dan's ferocious rain fall all day AND compete against superstar Lily Tomlin who was performing down the wharf for 800 or 900 people. She came in to town to raise money for a 'dog run'...I don't know why dogs here need a 'dog run' they have ALL of Cape Cod including the beaches to play in, but I'm not objecting...I'm just sayin'...

I was helping out my hawker screaming on the street "Come see my show!!! I'm better than Lily Tomlin!!! And cheaper!!!" I love Lily and I'm a big fan, but I had to attract attention. My tickets are only $20.00.  Lily's tickets were $75.00 - $250.00. and people were flocking to the wharf. I was having a 'D List' moment and I didn't like it. So I guess you can say I've made my contribution to that dog run by losing business on a Saturday night. Even the popular Lobster Pot restaurant closed early due to slow biz tonight.

This past Thursday night a man came to my show claiming to be Lily Tomlin's brother. The staff comped him and his friend because he kinda eluded to that fact that Lily would be coming. I put down my foot with my staff NO comps just for 'name-dropping.'  Deliver the "NAME" to my show and we'll discuss comps. Of course I would give a courtesy comp to any celebrity. But if you can't deliver the celebrity then PAY THE $20.00.  That price is nothing and I keep it down on purpose to make it affordable for everyone. I'm delivering at least $50.00 shows for only $20.00!

Anyway my audience was great and lots of fun. I did some extra numbers for the folks, I was very appreciative to have the crowd I had. They braved the weather and ignored the masses going to the wharf.   Wharf! Wharf! scoop the poop! Happy Dog Running.

I'm so obsessed with LA ROUX.  Here's another clip. It's been years since I've been so excited over a new Artist. "This time baby I'll be BULLETPROOF!"  She is the kewlest!!!


Why can't I ever get that special night recorded? There are rare moments when my voice is so perfect that it stuns even me. My voice was in perfect rare form plus I had a great audience. Most of the time my voice is good and good is good, but every once in a while the voice comes out PERFECT and that is rare. On these moments the singing is completely effortless and so joyful.  My Diana Ross was uncanny. Streisand was unbelievable. Even my Elvis and Lionel Richie take on a more fluid sound and are richer and more masculine.

These rare magic voice nights might only happen once or twice in a Season. I know that I did not sleep with air condition the night before, because New England has cooled. Air condition is known for drying the throat.  I didn't jog (shame on me, but that often warms up and opens my voice). Someday I'll capture one of these 'magic voice' nights on a recording.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My night off.
I went to see Judy Gold at The Art House. She was very funny and killed. I had a quick dinner there afterwards.

I tried to go to The Gifford House alone until 'an old friend' latched on to me in the street. He's a good guy but he's gossipy and so cynical about everything. As we were about to walk into Purgatory I ran into Pauline from MAP and the famous John Waters. We were all coming in to listen to some cool Euro dance music provided by DJ Scott Munson. He just happens to be one of the cutest guys in Ptown. And he was playing some really cool electronica. It was fresh to hear this music here.

We all found a corner of a bar and hung out. John told me I should sing 'rap. '  I'm not sure if he's aware of 'FASHIONISTA' which has a big designer 'rap' 'wrap' in it. I didn't bring it up. We were all just laughing.

The club was getting more and more packed. Tons of cute Eastern Europeans. There was a lowly American guy on the dance floor who took off his shirt to dance. Even though he had a six pack and pecs, he was no match for boys who don't even have to force it. I think it's sexier to leave your shirt on. And often a loose shirt is nice too. The fact that you have a nice body but don't have to flaunt it makes you sexy.  Trying too hard to show it off is not sexy.

John said they should keep their shirts on and take their pants off. I agree.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


My new favorite Artist! I saw them on Jimmy Kimmel and I was spellbound. This is a 20 year old girl doing her own thing. She's nobody's cookie cutter artist. Sometimes she sings in falsetto...unbelievable for a girl this young to be doing this. She's original and talented! I couldn't even find this girl on Perez Hilton's search. Check out her hits on YouTube: "Bulletproof" and "In For The Kill." She is the coolest!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

PROVINCETOWN, MA. Annual Carnival Parade 8/20/2009

Provincetown, MA Annual CARNIVAL PARADE 2009.
This years theme was 'LOVE, PEACE & GOGO BOOTS.' Honoring the 40th annivarsary of Woodstock 1969 - "The Summer of Love." So anything within that era was good fodder for a float theme.

I sang "FASHIONISTA" all along Commercial St. You won't hear the music very well from these clips because the speakers were facing outward towards the crowds.

Our float theme was Warhol's Factory. I was Andy Warhol and the other cast of characters all work at The Post Office Cabaret either doing shows ("The Naked Boys Singing" off Broadway Musical) or part of the wait staff. It was a hot day. Muggy. I hated wearing the wig, turtle neck and blazer but I suffered for 'the look.' I used to wear this black turtle neck so much in New York during the Winters but since I've moved to LA, I went ahead and cut the sleeves off to help me out on this very hot day and put the white jacket over it. All heat inducing drag.
(Photo: James Thompson)

(Photo: James Thompson. I love this photo with the Pilgrim Monument in the background. Thanks James!!! Great shot!)

On this Thursday Morning 8/20/09 I woke up early (9:30am ugh...). Tish De Williams came over to my condo in Seashore Park with Dina Jacobs to cook breakfast for me and Mick and Lady Bunny who was visiting from NYC to do her gig at The Atlantic House (The A-House) the night before.

I jumped on the float by 3pm and the parade got rolling 4-6pm.
After the parade I came home pretty tired. I took a shower and rested for an hour then painted my face all over again for my show at 9pm. I did a great show and got a standing ovation.
I shot video clips from my Sony Cybershot while I was on the float. I thought it was very Warhol holding a camera next to my face. I also shot video from my new FLIP camera. I was being very Warhol, recording me and them.

(Snapshot from my float. Click on photo to zoom in)

After the parade, back at the condo my next door neighbor Sylvia as Phyllis Diller. She's adorable!

Photo: Provincetown Magazine 8/19/09. Dante and Allissa at The Post Office Cafe. It's downstairs and the cabaret is upstairs where I do my shows.

Opening song: FASHIONISTA! 8/16/09. Carnival Week starts now. The Post Office Cabaret.

Photos by: Stephen Hornbelt 8/16/09. Upstairs in the cabaret. I grabbed my friend Mario Diaz's glasses to wear. I kinda like the look.

Monday, July 27, 2009


The bathroom self portrait @ The Post Office Cafe (Provincetown, MA) just for the heck of it.
There was a lot of drama this week. AND a lot of RAIN. My voice has held up so well. I'm surprised. I don't know what has happened??? My voice has been very good to me lately.
I have received more standing ovations.

As I wrote in the previous blog, I wanted the crappy shows to close down and leave. BUT unfortunately, we lost a GOOD show - "JACKIE BEAT."

We both were working at the same venue - The Post Office Cabaret. I helped Jackie cross promote in my show by letting her do a spot in my show nightly. She always got big laughs. I wanted him to succeed because we're friends but he has true talent for entertaining. It's hard to make a name for yourself in Ptown these days due to the over-abundance of shows - many of which are NOT GOOD. Unfortunately Jackie was up against several obstacles. A talent like Jackie's is gone because the bad shows are like stubborn roaches that practically force the neighbors out of the hood.

Jackie worked tirelessly to promote her show here in Ptown but ultimately realized he could make more money on the road with a lot less effort and CRAP. I look at these left over tired shows in town (that somehow manage to remain) with contempt.

I lost my buddy to pal around town with. We had lots of laughs keeping each other entertained until we go back to civilization after the Season.

Last Summer we helped each other get through the demands of this grueling Summer show schedule.

When I moved to California a few months ago, Jackie took me to his beautifully decorated home with his 2 dogs, giant backyard with fruit trees. We watched DVDs and other friends would come over to visit too. Lots of fun.

Jackie Beat is a very talented and popular performer around the country with television and movie credits, and one of the most prolific writers I know. He doesn't need the Ptown aggravation. So onward and upward. Check out Jackie Beat's videos on YouTube, they're very cleaver.

Some interiors of Jackie's home in Los Angeles, CA. Here's the red office. All in tribute to Carrie.

Here's a pic with a floating orb. Do you see it in the upper corner?

Front door entrance.

Bar for company (Jackie doesn't drink alcohol).

Monday, July 20, 2009


It's hard enough when you have to compete with a known television star who comes into town to perform. But then when you have to compete with crappy shows who lure unsuspecting tourists in who often walk out of their's exhausting to my promoters.

I'm speaking of some shows that are drawing only 4 to 10 people in, and in some cases folks are walking out of the show. TAKE THE HINT! YOUR SHOW SUCKS! CLOSE IT DOWN. It's expensive to be in Provincetown and if you are not bringing in the revenues close your show down. Don't blame the tourist for being dumb, blame yourself for not being entertaining enough for the tourist. If you think your show is too "smart" for the tourist then book your sketch comedy show on college campuses. Get out of town. Are you that much of a HAM that you would continue to try to play to 4 or 10 people for NO MONEY? I never want to impose my show somewhere that it's not working. If I was pulling in tiny audiences, I would be gone so fast, your wig would spin.

A moment of weakness in Welfleet. I did a bad thing.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Robust FULL STANDING OVATION! 7/16

Yesterday, I cleaned up around the condo. I eventually got out the door around 5pm to sorta jog/walk into town. I'm feeling kinda weak or fragile. I don't know why. I think the pressure of being good every night is weighing on me. So far my voice has been sooooo good to me. Strong and clear. My reputation around town seems to be very good this season. Someone told me that they heard that this was my best show ever this season. With that kind of word of mouth comes lots of pressure to deliver. I'm grateful but this show is demanding.

Before the show I warned my assistant Mick that I was feeling fragile. Maybe it was the coffee I drank...I don't know. I said let's get it started. I pulled it off very well because I got a full Standing Ovation! I only do about a 50 minute show but it seems long to me because I do so much in that 50 minutes. Also people are on vacation and I think I more and more people have short attention spans - I know I do. My adrenalin kicked in for the performance and my voice was so good and strong. Patsy Cline's 'Crazy' was really good. I could hear people moaning in appreciation. My new Elvis voice 'Don't Be Cruel' is doing really well. Stevie Nicks 'Gypsy' is a show stopper. It sounds so cool and modern. A true rock classic. I've only ever done 'Landslide' for Stevie or once in a while I would do 'Rhiannon' but 'Gypsy' is new for me and so suited for my voice. I don't know why I never did this song. It's fun to do.

I'm getting a full cross section of people for my audiences - Gay, Straight, Young, Old...everything! Even teenage girls! I love this.

I'm going to try to record some of my show on my ipod so I can upload it here to the blog.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Toddler dances to FASHIONISTA on Ptown's Commercial St.

Before my shows, I usually go outside to meet customers as they start lining up. It's called "hawking" your show. I put on my big headdress just to be seen and attract attention. This little boy was dancing to FASHIONISTA which was being played. I only captured a small amount of it. He actually stopped his Mom & Dad from walking so he could dance. So cute!

W/ my little friend Donna. Her father does Psychic readings next door.

Before going on stage.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Impressionistic painting by: Henri Matisse
Morphing by: MacAnthony Specht

My friend MacAnthony took a Matisse painting and morphed my face into it. It was so cool I had to use it for my flyers and ads.

So far so good with the shows here in Provincetown. I have finally landed on a good layout for the show. It's an action packed show called 'IMPRESSIONISM.' I do a lot of Voice Impressions crammed into a 1 hour show. So far the reviews are good and I feel good with the pace of it all. It's an energetic show and I keep threatening that I'm not going to make it for the 50-60 shows I have to do.

Original Matisse painting.

I've done 3 weeks so far (Thurs-Sun shows 9pm). My voice has surprised me lately by being very strong and good. I open the show with 'FASHIONISTA' and close with 'SUMMER SUN' but in between are a whole bunch of impressions: Billie Holiday, Eartha Kitt, Diana Ross, Patsy Cline, Bette Midler, Alicia Bridges, Sylvester, Cher, Elvis, Stevie Nicks, Bette Davis, Barbra Streisand, Lionel Richie, Judy Garland, Mae West and more...also video tributes to my Marilyn Years.

Today (my day off) I went to Hyannis with Jackie Beat and Suzanne Whang (from House Hunters). We went to see the movie "Bruno." For me it was hillarious! I laughed like crazy at the grossness and absurdity of it all. Sasha Baron Cohen is uncanny with what he does.

A lot of things are going on for me lately but I'm not announcing anything until it's all for sure.

Front and Back of flyer: I hate the retouching on the front. It's out of control but I was on deadline and it had to be done quickly. They distorted my face. Maybe I'll have it redone for the next batch. I also wanted the painting to be the front but the owner of the club was afraid it looked too solemn or sad, so I chickened out.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This photo was taken of me January 16, 2004 in Las Vegas by my friend Larry Edwards. He had the hat and glove laying around his apartment and I just put it on and struck a pose. Come to find out the hat belonged to MICHAEL JACKSON! It was given to Larry by a director who worked with MJ on a music video.

Fast forward years later to this Tuesday July 6, 2009. I woke up early (around 9am) in Provincetown, MA. It was a beautiful crispy Sunny day. I made some coffee and watched The View. I was anticipating the Michael Jackson Memorial Service. Strange, as the Memorial got under way the day turned gloomy and overcast. My windows were open and a cool breeze was blowing through my room. I stayed upstairs in my bed and watched the service on TV while Mick stayed downstairs watching that TV. We kept our kleenex boxes close to us. Later in the afternoon it poured yet again like crazy with rain.

First of all I hope the producer wins an Emmy for this incredible show. It was tasteful and reverent and full of talent - true talent. Some were Superstars and others not famous but they all had TALENT. This show was like a requiem.

Mariah sang one of my favorite Jackson 5 songs "I'll Be There." I had tears.

Stevie Wonder killed me when he sang "I Never Dreamed You'd Leave In Summer." It's one of my favorite Stevie Wonder songs. Kleenex.

Brooke Sheilds made me cry because she stole my looks. She was so damn beautiful. Her hair looked so pretty and shinny. Her stories were very moving and human. More kleenex.

Jermaine killed me too when he sang "Smile." When he started singing, he sounded very Michael. Family harmonies are always the best because genetically they are similar.

I don't even know how Jennifer Hudson got through her performance, especially given what she herself has been through... and she's pregnant! That always makes you more emotional.

Everything was so moving. The memorial was drenched in talent from aritists who came to give of themselves. It's a funny thing talent. It's magic. An artist can touch you with their talent and inspire you in your life.

For me, as a young boy with a high voice, Michael Jackson made having a high voice cool on a massive scale. He made looking androgynous cool too. As he said in his Thriller video, "I'm not like all the other guys." I liked that and related to it. I saw hope. I saw there was a chance and a hope for me somewhere.

I won't go into Michael's excentricities because whatever...we all know about them and it is what it is. Much of what he did was to stir the pot and was self-imposed for publicity sake. I don't even care. He was playing the game. We all have to play the game to some extent.

In this memorial I looked back on Michael Jackson's life, and saw that little guy who was so full of talent. He could really sing, dance, look cool and shine. Even as a young boy he had a cool swaggar. He had a certain confident walk when he was performing. He had that certain something that made you take notice.

I was touched by his talent when I was very young and it's even inspired me lately in my shows.

I'm not remembering him like some saint or king or deity or anything like that. I just want to remember the purity of his talent. I just want to remember his magic and how it touched me. That's all.

Later on at 7pm (the weather cleared) I went to The Crown & Anchor to see Ryan Landry's musical "Willie Wanker." It was a 2 hour show with an intermission. Then I went to hang out at The Arthouse. Jeff Roberson (Varla Jean) came out after his show (sans the drag) with his assistant to chat. We were grumbling over how more rain was falling...yet again tonight. I'm wearing hoodies in July! Wow. I'm sorta reliving Winter. Jeff said The Farmers Almanac said it was going to be a rainy Summer.

Monday, July 6, 2009

JULY 6, 2008 / MONDAY

Jackie Beat and I left up cape to Orleans (30min away). We are being careful to stick to our diets. We had salads w/ chicken at a restaurant that is known for some good home cookin'. We were strong. Then we went to TJ Maxx and Stop & Shop in Orleans. Jackie's Toilet over-flowed this morning. The whole town seems to be having a septic problem. She's having a shitty day.

We also went to The Christmas Tree Shop which has nothing to do with 'Christmas' except around Christmas time. It's kinda like a Dollar store but more. I love this store. I bought 4 ice trays for 89Cents and a cute mug with sunflowers on it for $1.99. I have a mug fettish - it's a weird weekness.

Later on tonight Jackie and I joined about 25 other acts to participate in the long running Monday night open mic night at The Crown & Anchor called SHOWGIRLS. The night is very popular. Sold-out with over 200 people. It's hosted by Ryan Landry. I sang FASHIONISTA. I think it went over pretty well.


Earlier in the day I sat down with my assistant Mick and made a list of all the things that have to go on during the day through show time so that we can run everything smoothly and precision. We have to have a clear understanding of the job at hand so it makes both of our jobs easier. Then the owner Phyllis called on the phone and I put her on speaker phone. She stated very clearly that she wanted him to use the big sound system she just bought to be set up outside before the show to play my music to get people attention for my show. For some reason when I got there to stand outside with my headdress before the show, all I saw was a little radio clock with the ipod attached.

In spite of this I think I did a good show. It was action packed and 50minutes. I GOT A STANDING OVATION. A standing ovation is something that the audience owns and they don't give it up too easily. I'm grateful beyond. So grateful.

Jackie Beat was watching the show as well as The Naked Boys Singing (all play The Post Office Cabaret as well). Also sitting with Jackie was Suzanne Whang who does comedy at The Art House.

Afterwards Jackie, Suzanne and I had dinner downstairs in The Post Office Cafe. Then we took a little night drive through the town.

JULY 4, 2009 Ptown FIREWORKS!

July 4th was my day off because my show is at 9pm and so are the fireworks and I don't want to compete with that. I was bad. I went to the candy store and bought some candy. Just a small amount but I was aware that I was eating high fructose corn syrup which is gross. I got some Mike & Ike Tropical, 4 mini Reeses PB cups and a few other things. The only thing without high fructose corn syrup was the Toblerone chocolate bars. I got 4 minis of that.

Provincetown was packed with people. All the clubs were jumping. I was tired because I didn't get enough sleep the night before. It was a beautiful cool night. I'm so grateful for this because I know my friends and family in Texas are burning up with 100 degree weather. I came home to the condo and got in bed. My 2 windows were open and the cool breeze was beautiful. My friend Marky called from Boston and I fell asleep while he was talking on the phone... lol. Oh well.

We were on a deck above Mojo's watching the Fireworks.

Saturday, July 4, 2009


My show is finally coming together here in Ptown. My Stevie Nicks voice impression ("Gypsy") is going over very well and so is my new Elvis voice ("Don't Be Cruel"). Even I'm amazed at how I sound. I know that sounds arrogant, but sometimes when I practice, I really don't know how it's all going to sound until I sing it on the big sound system.

I also added Bette Midler ("Do You Wanna Dance"). I'm also doing a disco medley and Cher singing "Don't Leave Me This Way." When I saw Cher in Las Vegas she took out "Take Me Home" (one of my favorites) and instead sang "Don't Leave Me This Way." That's ok because I love that song too. It's a disco classic originally by Thelma Houston. As a kid I remember buying the vinyl 45 rpm. I played it in my room over and over and over.

Last week, my shows were "exploratory" if you will. I was kind of work-shopping the show. I think those people got special shows. They got to hear me trying to find my way around my abundant repertoire and my voice is always so good and fresh at the beginning of the Season.

People are lining up at The Post Office Cabaret and I'm so grateful. My calling has always been to entertain and it feels good to have a loyal following after all these years in this magical little town.

Friday, June 26, 2009

I've come to Provincetown, MA to do my Summer run. I'm performing at The Post Office Cabaret every Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun through the end of Summer, probably even the end of September. So far no pictures but I'll upload soon. I allow everyone in my audiences to record and photograph the show. So come on down to Cape Cod. Go as far as you can towards the ocean, that's where Ptown is.

LAS VEGAS / BACK TRACK to MAY 20-25, 2009

Ok so I'm late! I know!!! I gotta catch up here. May 20th landed me in Las Vegas. I met my high school friend Kathy at the airport. We came to Vegas to Celebrate my Cher's Birthday (May 20th) by seeing her show at Ceasars Collosium. I performed at Club Piranah on my Birthday (May 22nd). Kathy's Birthday was May 24 and we saw The Lion King at Mandalay Bay.

We also got to see Whoopi Goldberg at the Encore's Danny Gans Theater. It was sad that my plans to see Danny Gans did not work out due to his passing. They had a memorial for him on May 21 in the theater that was built for him.

We also saw my friend's Magic Drag show. Cashetta "MAGIC'S A DRAG" was so funny. Some of her tricks did not work but it made it even funnier. She was pissed about it after the show but we laughed. It's more fun if the trick doesn't work. But most of them worked and I don't know how she did some of those tricks. It was funny and amazing.

Cashetta and I worked some of the same little clubs in New York for extra cash. Cashetta lives in Las Vegas now playing to packed houses with her Magic act. I'm proud of her for accomplishing this. She works 6 nights a week and has big billboards in Vegas advertising her show. It's good to see her success. Cashetta told me a key to getting a show in Vegas and a producer etc... is to actually move there and get a phone with a 702 (Vegas) area code. They take you more seriously. We'll see. I'm really liking my move to LA right now.

Vegas was fun. We stayed at the Encore (a Wynn Hotel). We stayed at the Encore Tower Suites. My friend Michael Shulman pulled a string for us and got us a deal. The service was impeccable and the design of the hotel was classy - not garish. We had a great view and a big flat screen TV. The bathroom was all marble had 2 sinks! Also a tub and a shower - both!

So Happy Birthday to Me, Kathy & Cher!
How old??? None of your damn business!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I need a little time to upload my Memorial Day / Birthday Celebration. COMING SOON!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


New Headdress by Travor Rains!
Yesterday (May 15) I was doing a bunch of emails and did not have the car. Diana took the car to work (usually I'll drive her, she works 9am-6pm). I had tons of phone calls too. I was constantly on the phone. At night Diana, Billy & I went to Travor's studio for Gailen's birthday party. Just a small party of about 15-20 people. Travor made a gorgeous headdress for me. All in silver and fabulous. In exchange he asked if I would perform a song at Gailen's party. I said of course I would. I'll do whatever Travor wants. I'm a huge fan of his work - first when he was with Heatherette in NY and now on his own here in LA he's just as genius.

We hooked up my iPod to the make-shift stereo and I performed several numbers: Fashionista, Famous, Eartha - "I Wanna Be Evil," Cher - "The Way Of Love," also "8 Divas." We even had a fog machine that kept squirting at the right time. It was all make-shift. I didn't have a mic but it was all in fun.
Everybody was drinking, but I just had water. I feel like I'm loosing weight and I wanna continue. Anyway liquor doesn't inspire me at all right now.

Saturday May 16
Diana and her friends went to Palm Springs. I talked to Miss Guy on the phone who's visiting from New York City. He's on his way to DJ at Pink's private party all after noon.

At 12 noon I did a phone interview with a really nice guy (Tim) who has a podcast. It's rare that I get to be interviewed for 30 minutes and have my music featured, I really like his format. I get to explain some of my process for writing the songs on my album JAMESTOWN. I've included the links.
as well as in iTunes

I also went to Verizon to fix my phone. Something was wrong with it. It only needed to be rebooted. I thought I lost my pictures, but the black butchy woman (who was very cool and funny) found my pictures...whoops. She said, "I found your pictures...I'm scarred for life..." There's a couple of nasty ones that have been sent to me in the past, I had to explain "they're not of me!!!" LOL! Anyway, she told me I'm due for a new phone. What to choose??? I gotta do some research on which one to get.

Went for a jog. Loved it! God the weather is so nice in the evening. Sunny days and air-conditioned air.
I was hungry but wanted something healthy for a snack so I went to the back yard and got a couple of oranges off the tree! So good and no seeds! California!

Later, I did laundry at midnight out back behind the building. GLAMOROUS!