Monday, July 27, 2009


The bathroom self portrait @ The Post Office Cafe (Provincetown, MA) just for the heck of it.
There was a lot of drama this week. AND a lot of RAIN. My voice has held up so well. I'm surprised. I don't know what has happened??? My voice has been very good to me lately.
I have received more standing ovations.

As I wrote in the previous blog, I wanted the crappy shows to close down and leave. BUT unfortunately, we lost a GOOD show - "JACKIE BEAT."

We both were working at the same venue - The Post Office Cabaret. I helped Jackie cross promote in my show by letting her do a spot in my show nightly. She always got big laughs. I wanted him to succeed because we're friends but he has true talent for entertaining. It's hard to make a name for yourself in Ptown these days due to the over-abundance of shows - many of which are NOT GOOD. Unfortunately Jackie was up against several obstacles. A talent like Jackie's is gone because the bad shows are like stubborn roaches that practically force the neighbors out of the hood.

Jackie worked tirelessly to promote her show here in Ptown but ultimately realized he could make more money on the road with a lot less effort and CRAP. I look at these left over tired shows in town (that somehow manage to remain) with contempt.

I lost my buddy to pal around town with. We had lots of laughs keeping each other entertained until we go back to civilization after the Season.

Last Summer we helped each other get through the demands of this grueling Summer show schedule.

When I moved to California a few months ago, Jackie took me to his beautifully decorated home with his 2 dogs, giant backyard with fruit trees. We watched DVDs and other friends would come over to visit too. Lots of fun.

Jackie Beat is a very talented and popular performer around the country with television and movie credits, and one of the most prolific writers I know. He doesn't need the Ptown aggravation. So onward and upward. Check out Jackie Beat's videos on YouTube, they're very cleaver.

Some interiors of Jackie's home in Los Angeles, CA. Here's the red office. All in tribute to Carrie.

Here's a pic with a floating orb. Do you see it in the upper corner?

Front door entrance.

Bar for company (Jackie doesn't drink alcohol).

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