Sunday, August 23, 2009

PROVINCETOWN, MA. Annual Carnival Parade 8/20/2009

Provincetown, MA Annual CARNIVAL PARADE 2009.
This years theme was 'LOVE, PEACE & GOGO BOOTS.' Honoring the 40th annivarsary of Woodstock 1969 - "The Summer of Love." So anything within that era was good fodder for a float theme.

I sang "FASHIONISTA" all along Commercial St. You won't hear the music very well from these clips because the speakers were facing outward towards the crowds.

Our float theme was Warhol's Factory. I was Andy Warhol and the other cast of characters all work at The Post Office Cabaret either doing shows ("The Naked Boys Singing" off Broadway Musical) or part of the wait staff. It was a hot day. Muggy. I hated wearing the wig, turtle neck and blazer but I suffered for 'the look.' I used to wear this black turtle neck so much in New York during the Winters but since I've moved to LA, I went ahead and cut the sleeves off to help me out on this very hot day and put the white jacket over it. All heat inducing drag.
(Photo: James Thompson)

(Photo: James Thompson. I love this photo with the Pilgrim Monument in the background. Thanks James!!! Great shot!)

On this Thursday Morning 8/20/09 I woke up early (9:30am ugh...). Tish De Williams came over to my condo in Seashore Park with Dina Jacobs to cook breakfast for me and Mick and Lady Bunny who was visiting from NYC to do her gig at The Atlantic House (The A-House) the night before.

I jumped on the float by 3pm and the parade got rolling 4-6pm.
After the parade I came home pretty tired. I took a shower and rested for an hour then painted my face all over again for my show at 9pm. I did a great show and got a standing ovation.
I shot video clips from my Sony Cybershot while I was on the float. I thought it was very Warhol holding a camera next to my face. I also shot video from my new FLIP camera. I was being very Warhol, recording me and them.

(Snapshot from my float. Click on photo to zoom in)

After the parade, back at the condo my next door neighbor Sylvia as Phyllis Diller. She's adorable!

Photo: Provincetown Magazine 8/19/09. Dante and Allissa at The Post Office Cafe. It's downstairs and the cabaret is upstairs where I do my shows.

Opening song: FASHIONISTA! 8/16/09. Carnival Week starts now. The Post Office Cabaret.

Photos by: Stephen Hornbelt 8/16/09. Upstairs in the cabaret. I grabbed my friend Mario Diaz's glasses to wear. I kinda like the look.


  1. Worst camera work I've ever seen.

  2. If only i could finish your shows and you could come home! I have been nothing but bitter since leaving. HATE!!!