Sunday, August 30, 2009


Why can't I ever get that special night recorded? There are rare moments when my voice is so perfect that it stuns even me. My voice was in perfect rare form plus I had a great audience. Most of the time my voice is good and good is good, but every once in a while the voice comes out PERFECT and that is rare. On these moments the singing is completely effortless and so joyful.  My Diana Ross was uncanny. Streisand was unbelievable. Even my Elvis and Lionel Richie take on a more fluid sound and are richer and more masculine.

These rare magic voice nights might only happen once or twice in a Season. I know that I did not sleep with air condition the night before, because New England has cooled. Air condition is known for drying the throat.  I didn't jog (shame on me, but that often warms up and opens my voice). Someday I'll capture one of these 'magic voice' nights on a recording.

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  1. I guess I am in the category of "hard core fan" as I have yet to see you perform when you weren't in top form. Hopefully down the road you will sell video's of your shows. Nothing could bring back a great summer memory during the cold dreary days of winter than reliving the Jimmy James experience again and again!