Sunday, August 30, 2009

LILY TOMLIN & HURRICANE DAN almost did me in. Saturday AUGUST 29

The show was fun and great tonight. I was happy to have even just half a house. Tonight I had to compete against Hurricane Dan's ferocious rain fall all day AND compete against superstar Lily Tomlin who was performing down the wharf for 800 or 900 people. She came in to town to raise money for a 'dog run'...I don't know why dogs here need a 'dog run' they have ALL of Cape Cod including the beaches to play in, but I'm not objecting...I'm just sayin'...

I was helping out my hawker screaming on the street "Come see my show!!! I'm better than Lily Tomlin!!! And cheaper!!!" I love Lily and I'm a big fan, but I had to attract attention. My tickets are only $20.00.  Lily's tickets were $75.00 - $250.00. and people were flocking to the wharf. I was having a 'D List' moment and I didn't like it. So I guess you can say I've made my contribution to that dog run by losing business on a Saturday night. Even the popular Lobster Pot restaurant closed early due to slow biz tonight.

This past Thursday night a man came to my show claiming to be Lily Tomlin's brother. The staff comped him and his friend because he kinda eluded to that fact that Lily would be coming. I put down my foot with my staff NO comps just for 'name-dropping.'  Deliver the "NAME" to my show and we'll discuss comps. Of course I would give a courtesy comp to any celebrity. But if you can't deliver the celebrity then PAY THE $20.00.  That price is nothing and I keep it down on purpose to make it affordable for everyone. I'm delivering at least $50.00 shows for only $20.00!

Anyway my audience was great and lots of fun. I did some extra numbers for the folks, I was very appreciative to have the crowd I had. They braved the weather and ignored the masses going to the wharf.   Wharf! Wharf! scoop the poop! Happy Dog Running.

I'm so obsessed with LA ROUX.  Here's another clip. It's been years since I've been so excited over a new Artist. "This time baby I'll be BULLETPROOF!"  She is the kewlest!!!

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  1. Your shows are worth far more than even the $50 price tag that you mention. As a legend and icon, it is a rare treat to see you perform your magic on stage, LIVE and in person.
    Quite frankly, if it wasn't for you, my partner and I would probably NOT go to P-town. It is YOUR show that brings us in that no other "big name" could do.