Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The ABBEY West Hollywood & I got GLEE'D!

I performed this past Monday May 17, at the famous ABBEY CLUB in West Hollywood on Robertson. Candis Cayne asked me to fill in for her night because she had to go to Atlanta to shoot a LIFETIME movie for TV.

The crowd was packed and really really holding on and not leaving the room. Attention spans can be very short at this type of venue. My voice was in rare form as I sang:
Where Is My Man..Eartha Kitt
The Man I Love........ Judy Garland / Billie Holiday
Cher Medly
I'm Not A Girl.....Britney Spears
Evergreen..........Barbra Streisand (it came out xtra good)
I Try.................Macy Gray
8 Divas..............8 voices in 1 song

It was so much fun and reminded me of my days in New York City in the West Village when I used to play once a week for 5 years at a little club called PIECES (6th Ave. & Christopher St.).
I used it as a workshop to practice my skills.

I goofed around and talked about current events. It was a little bit stand-up and music too. Some performance art too where I kinda make the audience feel kind of uncomfortable then bring it back to comedy and relieve them. Thanks Candis for letting me fill in!


The latest discovery of FASHIONISTA usage. These kids are GREAT! Big smile from me and I definitely approve!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PRE MOTHER'S DAY w/ Mom & Denver gigs!

Pix from ROCK BAR promotional appearance for Lannie's ClockTower Cabaret in Denver.

I'm finally back in LA.
Last week I went to San Antonio to visit Mom on the days before Mother's Day because I knew I'd be in Denver for Mom's day. I worked at Lannie's ClockTower Cabaret and also made an extra appearance at Tracks Dance Club to do a quick guest appearance. I also stopped into Rock Bar to visit my friend RockStar Aaron. He DJs there on Friday nights so I went into the DJ booth to do a little bit of "Fashionista."

My shows did very well at Lannie's and I was in great voice. I was able to take out to lunch, on Mother's Day, Kirk Montgomery from the channel 9News. I was so greatful for the plug he gave my show over the news.

I'm back in LA working on projects. It never ends but I'm not complaining. It's all good.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


If you have friends in Denver send them to the club. May 8th (2 shows) & May 9.

is a cozy glamorous venue underneath the Denver downtown Clocktower. It'll be my 4th time back.
They serve delicious cocktails and appetizers.

I'm also playing at TRACKS Dance club on Friday May 7. It's a Dance Club where I will be doing a quick promo appearance around 11:00pm. I'm singing "Fashionista" "Famous" and "Walking In Memphis" from my FOREVER CHER album by "Dark Lady" (me).


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Mom is getting around just fine. She is making a full recovery and I'm so grateful for this. She is healthy and is getting back into her usual routines.

I came to San Antonio for the week before Mother's Day to be with mom and family. I have to be in Denver, CO for this weekend. I perform at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret in downtown Denver.

I'm also researching music for reinventing my show. I'm feeling antsy and adventurous. It's time to change things up and move forward again. I'm exploring a lot of things. Maybe I don't want to sing as much. Although, for some reason my voice is better than ever. Ever since leaving New York, my voice got better. I'm not sure why that is. I'm not sure what the cause is but my voice has never been clearer, richer or better. Maybe I've just gotten better at using the instrument. I wonder how long this good streak will last.

I've kinda been missing doing makeup. I kinda see people on tv or in real life and I think I could help them in the makeup department. Who knows...I'm feeling like going on some kind of adventure.


The photo above is little JIMMY JAMES by my Dad James Johnson. Laredo, TX (don't ask what year).