Wednesday, July 20, 2011


View of the CLOCKTOWER from my Marriott window in Downtown Denver, Colorado.
DENVER, CO: Ready for my closeup Mr. Murdoch! For some reason I'm always booked on FOX for TV interviews.

For some reason, I'm always getting on FOX for early Morning interviews...Houston, San Antonio, now Denver.
Early Morning closeup. Denver TV station.
Friday - July 1, I performed at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret ( Playing for Lannie & Jefferson always makes me feel like I'm living my dream of being a professional performer. The reason is because, I don't live in Denver and never have. It's not a vacation resort where tourists have to look for something to do. Lannie's is a cabaret underneath the Clock Tower landmark. Basically Denver people come to see me there and it feels good to have a full or sold-out room just because. Just because maybe they've heard about me or word-of-mouth.

Since it was close to July 4th, towards the end of the show I came out with my red white & blue shirt and feathered headdress. I would point to my headdress and say "Native" then point to my shirt and say "American." Just so people could make sense of "the look." Hahahaaa....
Basically all you need to know is that I love a headdress.

The day started with a 7am wake up to be on the local FOX affiliate show "EVERYDAY." I wanted to workout a little at the Marriott's gym downstairs to wakeup my voice but unfortunately, I was on for maybe 2 minutes. I went through a lot of trouble to pull the Morning look together just for 2 minutes but oh well. Then I went back to the hotel and did some laundry and did more treadmill. It's hard to breath in Denver because of the altitude. I never had time for a nap. Naps are not easy for me.
Marriott Downtown Denver:

By 3pm I went to the Clocktower (2 blocks away from the Marriott) to do sound check rehearsal. The sound guy was good but the sound check took 4 hours. Don't ask me why.... At 7pm I have to rush to the hotel to get ready and rush back to start the show at 8pm. I wound up being 20minutes late. Seems like everybody liked this show the best of any show I've ever done there. I was happy and beat at the same time.
Alas the people in Denver have always been so kind to me. DJ Rockstar Aarron was there, Lannie and Jefferson (owners), also in the room was local entertainment news caster Kirk Montgomery who has always been so kind to mention me on the news including this time as well. So I was on TV twice today. He told me he mentioned on the news that I was the best entertainer he's ever seen. THAT was REALLY NICE! I'm so grateful.
SUMMER SUN TV.............Jimmy James original song
HISTORY REPEATING......Shirley Bassey tribute
WHERE IS MY MAN..........Eartha Kitt
Leavin On Your Mind / Don't Tell Me....... Patsy Cline / Madonna
Walking In MEMPHIS.......HiNRG Cher vocal (track from 'Forever Cher' double disc cd).
What'll I Do (VAMP)..........Judy Garland speaks
What'll I Do (INSTR).........Judy Garland sings
Don't Be Cruel ...................Elvis
Gypsy ................................Stevie Nicks
KISSING A FRAUD.........Jimmy James original
Whatever Happened To Baby Jane..............Bette Davis
DVD PRESENTATION: 1988 Jimmy James as Marilyn Monroe on The Nancy Merrill Talk Show (Boston, MA).
Endless Love......Diana Ross / Lionel Richie
8 DIVAS ..... DVD PRESENTATION ....... Jimmy sings 8 voices in 1 song.

By July 2nd  I was on a flight from Denver to San Antonio to visit my Mom and family for vacation.

July 26 I fly to Rehoboth Beach to play BLUE MOON (
July 27 I do the show.
July 28 I fly back to Los Angeles.

August 6, 13, 20, 27 I do shows at The Palms Bar/nightclub in West Hollywood, CA.
The SUMMER SUN CONCERT SERIES! Come by if you're in the area.

Below more pix from Denver. During & after the show: July 1, 2011.
After the show Rockstar Aarron & Kirk Montgomery (Channel 9 News).

Autographs for some girls after the show.


I should have gone to the hotel room after this very long day but instead I went to a couple low key bars to hang out. I was picked up by strangers and met strangers but it was ok. I probably seemed really out of it to folks but I was tired. Here's the last shot of me before I went back to the hotel to pack to leave the next day.
Good Night everybody. I'm ready for my July vacation. :)

P.S. On July 19,  I got an email from a guy who works for the US State Department in Afghanistan. He wanted me to call him, so I did. He told me the of while stationed in Afghanistan he went to the opening of a Dance Club. The owner instructed the DJ from Atlanta to play only American Dance Music. So after the owner welcomed everybody to the 1st night, the DJs FIRST SONG was 'FASHIONISTA!' Sweet!