Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I need a little time to upload my Memorial Day / Birthday Celebration. COMING SOON!!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009


New Headdress by Travor Rains!
Yesterday (May 15) I was doing a bunch of emails and did not have the car. Diana took the car to work (usually I'll drive her, she works 9am-6pm). I had tons of phone calls too. I was constantly on the phone. At night Diana, Billy & I went to Travor's studio for Gailen's birthday party. Just a small party of about 15-20 people. Travor made a gorgeous headdress for me. All in silver and fabulous. In exchange he asked if I would perform a song at Gailen's party. I said of course I would. I'll do whatever Travor wants. I'm a huge fan of his work - first when he was with Heatherette in NY and now on his own here in LA he's just as genius.

We hooked up my iPod to the make-shift stereo and I performed several numbers: Fashionista, Famous, Eartha - "I Wanna Be Evil," Cher - "The Way Of Love," also "8 Divas." We even had a fog machine that kept squirting at the right time. It was all make-shift. I didn't have a mic but it was all in fun.
Everybody was drinking, but I just had water. I feel like I'm loosing weight and I wanna continue. Anyway liquor doesn't inspire me at all right now.

Saturday May 16
Diana and her friends went to Palm Springs. I talked to Miss Guy on the phone who's visiting from New York City. He's on his way to DJ at Pink's private party all after noon.

At 12 noon I did a phone interview with a really nice guy (Tim) who has a podcast. It's rare that I get to be interviewed for 30 minutes and have my music featured, I really like his format. I get to explain some of my process for writing the songs on my album JAMESTOWN. I've included the links.

as well as in iTunes

I also went to Verizon to fix my phone. Something was wrong with it. It only needed to be rebooted. I thought I lost my pictures, but the black butchy woman (who was very cool and funny) found my pictures...whoops. She said, "I found your pictures...I'm scarred for life..." There's a couple of nasty ones that have been sent to me in the past, I had to explain "they're not of me!!!" LOL! Anyway, she told me I'm due for a new phone. What to choose??? I gotta do some research on which one to get.

Went for a jog. Loved it! God the weather is so nice in the evening. Sunny days and air-conditioned air.
I was hungry but wanted something healthy for a snack so I went to the back yard and got a couple of oranges off the tree! So good and no seeds! California!

Later, I did laundry at midnight out back behind the building. GLAMOROUS!

Friday, May 15, 2009

MAY 12, 2009

This picture was taken 2006. She likes to blow her nose with money.

All day today was spent in a photo shoot for Shawn Lochridge's headdresses. It was out in Irwindale and I had to drive onto highway hell to get there. I put peddle to the metal and forced myself to do it. The highways are somewhat familiar but after not doing this for 15 years it was scary. I got there and had my makeup done by someone else. I always do my own makeup but I threw caution to the wind. Shawn is working on a book of his headresses so he needed lots of models to wear the head pieces. I'm hoping I can use the photo for publicity. This took all day. Driving back was scary and I GOT LOST! Diana wanted me to pick her up from work and I was running out of time.

Don't ask me how I did it but somehow, by accident I found the right highway.

I was too busy to take pictures at the Shawn Lochridge photo shoot but here's a couple of pictures from last Summer in Provincetown, MA. This is my authentic Brazilian Carnival headdress. I bought it in a store in Miami Beach about 6 years ago. With Diana my new roommate in West Hollywood now, and me performing at The Boatslip outdoor party. I sang "FASHIONISTA."

MAY 11, 2009

On May 11 we all went to a pool party at Logan's house. I was having flashbacks of New York because basically we're all from New York there. In New York we'd all be seeing each other at night in a club, but it's LA so we see each other in the day-time by a pool. I love it. Even though I'm a night owl, I don't like to waste the days especially here in Sunny California. For some of you who have never experienced the Southern California weather, I'll describe it like this: Sunny days with air-conditioned air and no humidity. In these pictures you'll see Travor, Galen, Jun & Me, Aimee Phillips, Diana, Armen and more...

Travor Rains, Gailen & child.

After most everyone had left. Diana, Travor, Logan (it's Logan's house) & I went into the steam room to hang out. It is completely tiled and I started doing some of my voices. Of course Barbra sounds particularly good in the tiled room. Good reverb. The hot moisture of the steam is great for the vocal chords. When night fell, it was me, Diana, Travor, Jun, Logan and a couple others...
I connected my iPod to the outdoor sound system
and practically did a whole show for everyone in the pool.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Last week was a very busy week for me in Hollywood. I went to the Bob Mackie studios to meet with Shawn Lochridge about making me a headdress. He's very talented and was able to show me several sketches of his ideas. I'm good hands with Shawn.

May 12 I'm having a photo shoot for his book. I'll have 37 headdresses to choose from.

Shawn Lochridge.

Check out his headdress in progress.
Not finished yet.

Marie Osmond's wolf form fainted.

Bob Mackie genius sketches. All bow down to the Master of showbiz wearable ART! "Fashion is the Art!"

Nora Desmond sketch.

I'm also meeting with photographers, musicians, costume makers etc... preparing for my new show in Provincetown Summer 2009. I already know the name of my show but don't want to announce it yet.

May 7 Thursday night: Went to Jackie Beat's Karaoke at Hamburger Mary's on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. & Sweetzer. I think this guy on stage was tweeked out. Singing a Queen song... "nothing really matters..."

Jackie said she quit this night but I don't think she really did.

Also Thursday night we went to Brian Ravin & Michael Schmidt's night called "Diamond Dog" in Hollywood. Very Squeezbox from 10 years ago. I'm not big on rock music but it had a fun crowd and the venue was very nice.

Monday, May 11, 2009


All my thoughts and prayers go out to my longtime friend and #1 Fan Lisa Croote who has just undergone surgery. I hope for a speedy recovery so that she can continue with her long life ahead.

Lisa's Birthday. April 2004. Backstage after my show in Palm Springs, CA. I'm showing off the birthday cookie I got for her.

Denver, CO. April 25, 2009.

Attacked at TRAX Dance club by Richard and Todd. Trust me this was only for the camera.

I'm backtracking here a bit, but my gig in Denver at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret was a sell-out (April 24 & 25). After the show some guys kidnapped me to the local Dance club - TRAX. Before that we stopped at the loft that I was staying at and I put makeup on the boys. It was subtle. Just enough to look fresh.

I have been going to Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret once a year for 3 years now. I always do very well there. I really like the diverse liberal crowd that comes in. Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender...Husbands and Wives personally thank me after the shows. It feels great. I always want to be able to entertain a wide range of people. I feel legit. I want everybody.

One of the guys - Richard. We're both wearing the natural look in makeup.

Here's a peak at The Clocktower Cabaret. I landed a day in advance and watched the Burlesque show. So much fun!

After Denver I got back to LA on Sunday. The next day I continued to go, do, shop, get reoriented with my surroundings again etc...

I went to visit Travor Rains in his new studio in Hollywood. I'm so excited for people to see his new photography but right now it's top secret. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Here's some interior photos. He's been painting everything white.

He's also working on a lot of projects including making something for Adam Lambert from American Idol. So if you see Adam wearing something fierce with silk screen prints, chains etc... Travor made it.

Travor Rains was Richie Rich's design partner for the sensational Heatherette clothing line in
NYC. They have each branched out on their own. Travor moved to LA and Richie remained in NYC. Travor has wasted no time blazing a new trail for himself. I'm trying to convince him to make something for me but everytime I ask, he's quiet. I don't know what that means???
Doesn't he know who I am??? Doesn't he know who I used to be???
Somebody tell him!

There's a red toilet in the studio...what???

Since I'm backtracking...I couldn't resist. A test photo of my Disco Diva. I only did her a couple of times in clubs in the mid 1990's. I sang a medley of Disco songs like: "Do You Wanna Funk" "Hot Stuff" "Don't Leave Me This Way" "Last Dance" "Ring My Bell" "I Love The Nightlife" and more...

I mixed a dark makeup foundation for this test shoot. I scrapped that idea later because it was too time consuming. On stage I just let my own skin tone be. I like this picture.

Photo by: Anthony Drysdale
NYC circa 1994

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

BETTY PAGE ART! Saturday May 2, 2009

Last Saturday (May 2) I went to The World of Wonder Gallery.

I didn't take very many pictures but I should have. The artwork was so cool!

The stuff was expensive. Lots of original photos by famed photographer Bunny Yaeger.

Also drawings and paintings by Olivia who I met. She only paints and draws women. And to perfection.

Olivia drawings and paintings.

This gorgeous painting by Olivia was $75,000.00

Dita Von Teese (r) and friend...priceless.


Corner of Santa Monica Blvd. & La Brea.
I'm standing outside of Target store.

WHEW!!! I'm a little behind in writing but it's a lot to move from New York City to California.
I got an apartment in West Hollywood, CA with my roomate/ friend Diana Coney. And I have to say things are VERY busy for me here. I'm working on many projects and having many meetings. I still have dreams I want to see happen.

After living in New York City for 15 years, I felt it was time for me to come back to the Arts & Entertainment Capital of the World! My decision to move was a difficult one. While agonizing over whether or not I should make the move... I just happened to rent the documentary "MAN ON WIRE" (it won the Acadamy Award for Best Documentary 2008). It's about the guy who illegally strung a wire between the Twin Towers in NY (1974) and walked and danced across it for 45 minutes. NO HARNESS! NO SAFETY NET! This film spoke to my soul. It was almost a metaphore for what I was trying to do - walk across the tight wire from New York to LA. I was so afraid of leaving NY.


When I saw this I was so moved I cried. I thought, if he can do THAT, then I'm NOT going to be afraid to do anything. I had been dreaming of a change. I was dreaming of going back to LA to be part of SHOW BUSINESS again (I used to live in LA: 1989-1993). Since coming back, I have been very busy with projects and things feel very exciting for me. Stay tuned, fingers crossed. Wish me luck.

Last night was Cinco de Mayo and we went to RAGE see Chad Michaels "Dream Girls Revue." The show was a lot of fun with Old School and New School Drag. The place was packed, I met lots of people and the show was a lot of fun! I was in the VIP booth and I went backstage to say hi to the gurls. It's a long show (Two and 1/2 hours) but there's seating and nobody left. No cover charge!

West Hollywood is lined with so many new venues and as far as I can tell they were all packed with people. And Santa Monica Blvd. has become a more pedestrian-friendly street. When I las lived here, you were looked down upon if you walked the bulevard, if you know what I mean.

I'm back to my evening jogs (lots of jogging areas and sidewalks around LA) and I feel good and happy.

Cinco de Mayo decorations inside RAGE

'Dream Girls Revue'

Raja 'Frida Kahlo'

Chad Michaels 'Cher'


Some of the Gurls

Finale for "Dream Girls Revue" @ RAGE in West Hollywood, CA. (only some of the cast).
This club has reeeeally changed since I lived here in the early 1990's. It's now totally remodeled and kinda fun. The stage is very Las Vegas. West Hollywood is kinda jumpin' (Sorry NYC) or maybe I'm still on my SoCal honeymoon.

Jun was up in the VIP room @ RAGE too. She used to come to my NY apartment to perm and tint my lashes. She was sad that I was moving to LA and I felt sorry for her because she was having a rough time in the NYC. But suddenly she met a guy in the music business who offered her a room and a promotional job in LA. On blind faith she came to visit him. Luckily things are looking up for Jun. I've gone to visit her and she's happy.

She can't believe she got the chance to come to California. I can't believe the bitch doesn't have to pay rent! I love June. She's a sweetheart.

I'm just starting to decorate my room. I'm NOT keeping this furniture. I'm going to make everything mid-century and white.
And I HATE black TVs! That has to go too. I want silver or white.
My bedroom is almost BIGGER than my whole NY apt. I love the Cali Sunshine.

The only thing from my NY apt. is the painting on the wall.

I want to replace the air conditioner to white.
I gotta replace the boxes too with real night stands. I love the 3 arm lamp from Target: $20.