Friday, May 15, 2009

MAY 11, 2009

On May 11 we all went to a pool party at Logan's house. I was having flashbacks of New York because basically we're all from New York there. In New York we'd all be seeing each other at night in a club, but it's LA so we see each other in the day-time by a pool. I love it. Even though I'm a night owl, I don't like to waste the days especially here in Sunny California. For some of you who have never experienced the Southern California weather, I'll describe it like this: Sunny days with air-conditioned air and no humidity. In these pictures you'll see Travor, Galen, Jun & Me, Aimee Phillips, Diana, Armen and more...

Travor Rains, Gailen & child.

After most everyone had left. Diana, Travor, Logan (it's Logan's house) & I went into the steam room to hang out. It is completely tiled and I started doing some of my voices. Of course Barbra sounds particularly good in the tiled room. Good reverb. The hot moisture of the steam is great for the vocal chords. When night fell, it was me, Diana, Travor, Jun, Logan and a couple others...
I connected my iPod to the outdoor sound system
and practically did a whole show for everyone in the pool.

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