Monday, May 11, 2009


All my thoughts and prayers go out to my longtime friend and #1 Fan Lisa Croote who has just undergone surgery. I hope for a speedy recovery so that she can continue with her long life ahead.

Lisa's Birthday. April 2004. Backstage after my show in Palm Springs, CA. I'm showing off the birthday cookie I got for her.

Denver, CO. April 25, 2009.

Attacked at TRAX Dance club by Richard and Todd. Trust me this was only for the camera.

I'm backtracking here a bit, but my gig in Denver at Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret was a sell-out (April 24 & 25). After the show some guys kidnapped me to the local Dance club - TRAX. Before that we stopped at the loft that I was staying at and I put makeup on the boys. It was subtle. Just enough to look fresh.

I have been going to Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret once a year for 3 years now. I always do very well there. I really like the diverse liberal crowd that comes in. Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender...Husbands and Wives personally thank me after the shows. It feels great. I always want to be able to entertain a wide range of people. I feel legit. I want everybody.

One of the guys - Richard. We're both wearing the natural look in makeup.

Here's a peak at The Clocktower Cabaret. I landed a day in advance and watched the Burlesque show. So much fun!

After Denver I got back to LA on Sunday. The next day I continued to go, do, shop, get reoriented with my surroundings again etc...

I went to visit Travor Rains in his new studio in Hollywood. I'm so excited for people to see his new photography but right now it's top secret. GORGEOUS PHOTOS! Here's some interior photos. He's been painting everything white.

He's also working on a lot of projects including making something for Adam Lambert from American Idol. So if you see Adam wearing something fierce with silk screen prints, chains etc... Travor made it.

Travor Rains was Richie Rich's design partner for the sensational Heatherette clothing line in
NYC. They have each branched out on their own. Travor moved to LA and Richie remained in NYC. Travor has wasted no time blazing a new trail for himself. I'm trying to convince him to make something for me but everytime I ask, he's quiet. I don't know what that means???
Doesn't he know who I am??? Doesn't he know who I used to be???
Somebody tell him!

There's a red toilet in the studio...what???

Since I'm backtracking...I couldn't resist. A test photo of my Disco Diva. I only did her a couple of times in clubs in the mid 1990's. I sang a medley of Disco songs like: "Do You Wanna Funk" "Hot Stuff" "Don't Leave Me This Way" "Last Dance" "Ring My Bell" "I Love The Nightlife" and more...

I mixed a dark makeup foundation for this test shoot. I scrapped that idea later because it was too time consuming. On stage I just let my own skin tone be. I like this picture.

Photo by: Anthony Drysdale
NYC circa 1994

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