Sunday, May 17, 2009


New Headdress by Travor Rains!
Yesterday (May 15) I was doing a bunch of emails and did not have the car. Diana took the car to work (usually I'll drive her, she works 9am-6pm). I had tons of phone calls too. I was constantly on the phone. At night Diana, Billy & I went to Travor's studio for Gailen's birthday party. Just a small party of about 15-20 people. Travor made a gorgeous headdress for me. All in silver and fabulous. In exchange he asked if I would perform a song at Gailen's party. I said of course I would. I'll do whatever Travor wants. I'm a huge fan of his work - first when he was with Heatherette in NY and now on his own here in LA he's just as genius.

We hooked up my iPod to the make-shift stereo and I performed several numbers: Fashionista, Famous, Eartha - "I Wanna Be Evil," Cher - "The Way Of Love," also "8 Divas." We even had a fog machine that kept squirting at the right time. It was all make-shift. I didn't have a mic but it was all in fun.
Everybody was drinking, but I just had water. I feel like I'm loosing weight and I wanna continue. Anyway liquor doesn't inspire me at all right now.

Saturday May 16
Diana and her friends went to Palm Springs. I talked to Miss Guy on the phone who's visiting from New York City. He's on his way to DJ at Pink's private party all after noon.

At 12 noon I did a phone interview with a really nice guy (Tim) who has a podcast. It's rare that I get to be interviewed for 30 minutes and have my music featured, I really like his format. I get to explain some of my process for writing the songs on my album JAMESTOWN. I've included the links.
as well as in iTunes

I also went to Verizon to fix my phone. Something was wrong with it. It only needed to be rebooted. I thought I lost my pictures, but the black butchy woman (who was very cool and funny) found my pictures...whoops. She said, "I found your pictures...I'm scarred for life..." There's a couple of nasty ones that have been sent to me in the past, I had to explain "they're not of me!!!" LOL! Anyway, she told me I'm due for a new phone. What to choose??? I gotta do some research on which one to get.

Went for a jog. Loved it! God the weather is so nice in the evening. Sunny days and air-conditioned air.
I was hungry but wanted something healthy for a snack so I went to the back yard and got a couple of oranges off the tree! So good and no seeds! California!

Later, I did laundry at midnight out back behind the building. GLAMOROUS!

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  1. Hey Jimmy, we want to wish you a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY tomorrow! Fran and I got you a present, we'll bring it to Ptown in July. I love the new headdress, Its very classy.