Friday, May 15, 2009

MAY 12, 2009

This picture was taken 2006. She likes to blow her nose with money.

All day today was spent in a photo shoot for Shawn Lochridge's headdresses. It was out in Irwindale and I had to drive onto highway hell to get there. I put peddle to the metal and forced myself to do it. The highways are somewhat familiar but after not doing this for 15 years it was scary. I got there and had my makeup done by someone else. I always do my own makeup but I threw caution to the wind. Shawn is working on a book of his headresses so he needed lots of models to wear the head pieces. I'm hoping I can use the photo for publicity. This took all day. Driving back was scary and I GOT LOST! Diana wanted me to pick her up from work and I was running out of time.

Don't ask me how I did it but somehow, by accident I found the right highway.

I was too busy to take pictures at the Shawn Lochridge photo shoot but here's a couple of pictures from last Summer in Provincetown, MA. This is my authentic Brazilian Carnival headdress. I bought it in a store in Miami Beach about 6 years ago. With Diana my new roommate in West Hollywood now, and me performing at The Boatslip outdoor party. I sang "FASHIONISTA."

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