Wednesday, August 26, 2009


My night off.
I went to see Judy Gold at The Art House. She was very funny and killed. I had a quick dinner there afterwards.

I tried to go to The Gifford House alone until 'an old friend' latched on to me in the street. He's a good guy but he's gossipy and so cynical about everything. As we were about to walk into Purgatory I ran into Pauline from MAP and the famous John Waters. We were all coming in to listen to some cool Euro dance music provided by DJ Scott Munson. He just happens to be one of the cutest guys in Ptown. And he was playing some really cool electronica. It was fresh to hear this music here.

We all found a corner of a bar and hung out. John told me I should sing 'rap. '  I'm not sure if he's aware of 'FASHIONISTA' which has a big designer 'rap' 'wrap' in it. I didn't bring it up. We were all just laughing.

The club was getting more and more packed. Tons of cute Eastern Europeans. There was a lowly American guy on the dance floor who took off his shirt to dance. Even though he had a six pack and pecs, he was no match for boys who don't even have to force it. I think it's sexier to leave your shirt on. And often a loose shirt is nice too. The fact that you have a nice body but don't have to flaunt it makes you sexy.  Trying too hard to show it off is not sexy.

John said they should keep their shirts on and take their pants off. I agree.

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