Friday, July 17, 2009

Another Robust FULL STANDING OVATION! 7/16

Yesterday, I cleaned up around the condo. I eventually got out the door around 5pm to sorta jog/walk into town. I'm feeling kinda weak or fragile. I don't know why. I think the pressure of being good every night is weighing on me. So far my voice has been sooooo good to me. Strong and clear. My reputation around town seems to be very good this season. Someone told me that they heard that this was my best show ever this season. With that kind of word of mouth comes lots of pressure to deliver. I'm grateful but this show is demanding.

Before the show I warned my assistant Mick that I was feeling fragile. Maybe it was the coffee I drank...I don't know. I said let's get it started. I pulled it off very well because I got a full Standing Ovation! I only do about a 50 minute show but it seems long to me because I do so much in that 50 minutes. Also people are on vacation and I think I more and more people have short attention spans - I know I do. My adrenalin kicked in for the performance and my voice was so good and strong. Patsy Cline's 'Crazy' was really good. I could hear people moaning in appreciation. My new Elvis voice 'Don't Be Cruel' is doing really well. Stevie Nicks 'Gypsy' is a show stopper. It sounds so cool and modern. A true rock classic. I've only ever done 'Landslide' for Stevie or once in a while I would do 'Rhiannon' but 'Gypsy' is new for me and so suited for my voice. I don't know why I never did this song. It's fun to do.

I'm getting a full cross section of people for my audiences - Gay, Straight, Young, Old...everything! Even teenage girls! I love this.

I'm going to try to record some of my show on my ipod so I can upload it here to the blog.

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