Monday, July 20, 2009


It's hard enough when you have to compete with a known television star who comes into town to perform. But then when you have to compete with crappy shows who lure unsuspecting tourists in who often walk out of their's exhausting to my promoters.

I'm speaking of some shows that are drawing only 4 to 10 people in, and in some cases folks are walking out of the show. TAKE THE HINT! YOUR SHOW SUCKS! CLOSE IT DOWN. It's expensive to be in Provincetown and if you are not bringing in the revenues close your show down. Don't blame the tourist for being dumb, blame yourself for not being entertaining enough for the tourist. If you think your show is too "smart" for the tourist then book your sketch comedy show on college campuses. Get out of town. Are you that much of a HAM that you would continue to try to play to 4 or 10 people for NO MONEY? I never want to impose my show somewhere that it's not working. If I was pulling in tiny audiences, I would be gone so fast, your wig would spin.

A moment of weakness in Welfleet. I did a bad thing.

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