Monday, July 6, 2009


Earlier in the day I sat down with my assistant Mick and made a list of all the things that have to go on during the day through show time so that we can run everything smoothly and precision. We have to have a clear understanding of the job at hand so it makes both of our jobs easier. Then the owner Phyllis called on the phone and I put her on speaker phone. She stated very clearly that she wanted him to use the big sound system she just bought to be set up outside before the show to play my music to get people attention for my show. For some reason when I got there to stand outside with my headdress before the show, all I saw was a little radio clock with the ipod attached.

In spite of this I think I did a good show. It was action packed and 50minutes. I GOT A STANDING OVATION. A standing ovation is something that the audience owns and they don't give it up too easily. I'm grateful beyond. So grateful.

Jackie Beat was watching the show as well as The Naked Boys Singing (all play The Post Office Cabaret as well). Also sitting with Jackie was Suzanne Whang who does comedy at The Art House.

Afterwards Jackie, Suzanne and I had dinner downstairs in The Post Office Cafe. Then we took a little night drive through the town.

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