Monday, July 6, 2009

JULY 4, 2009 Ptown FIREWORKS!

July 4th was my day off because my show is at 9pm and so are the fireworks and I don't want to compete with that. I was bad. I went to the candy store and bought some candy. Just a small amount but I was aware that I was eating high fructose corn syrup which is gross. I got some Mike & Ike Tropical, 4 mini Reeses PB cups and a few other things. The only thing without high fructose corn syrup was the Toblerone chocolate bars. I got 4 minis of that.

Provincetown was packed with people. All the clubs were jumping. I was tired because I didn't get enough sleep the night before. It was a beautiful cool night. I'm so grateful for this because I know my friends and family in Texas are burning up with 100 degree weather. I came home to the condo and got in bed. My 2 windows were open and the cool breeze was beautiful. My friend Marky called from Boston and I fell asleep while he was talking on the phone... lol. Oh well.

We were on a deck above Mojo's watching the Fireworks.

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