Tuesday, November 10, 2009


I hit the ground running. As soon as I landed Friday before Halloween, I was setting up meetings.
Halloween in West Hollywood was a disaster. FAR TOO CROWDED for me to even bother. Thousands & thousands of people are on Santa Monica Blvd. Why did I even bother? I came home early. I paint my face for a living - I live Halloween. Everytime I do a show I'm scarring people.

After that I was loaded with meetings and filming the very last parts of my reality show pilot. It's being edited now and he should be pitching it in the next couple of weeks. Fingers Crossed.

I wake up earlier in LA because of the sunlight here. This is good, I have full days. I feel like I'm back in showbiz.

So tired right now. I'm going to bed by 1am! Usually on the East Coast, I would get to bed at 4, 5, or 6am.

Good Night John Boy...don't fart.


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  1. check out my san antonio based blog - you are my famous native of the week. Love your work!