Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Passing, The Surviving, The Good Wishes

I'm getting my strength back. Oh and that damn appetite too...crap! The Swine flu was not fun. I'm glad that is over with. Ok for sure next year, I'll get the flu shot. I've never had one before. I'm always on the fence about getting the shot.

My Mom called me to tell me that my Uncle Carlos deLlano died in his sleep of a heart attack. I was very sad and cried as I flashed back to how funny he could be. He gave me my first job in San Antonio when I was a teenager. I remember getting my first paycheck of $85.00 and how good it felt to have my own money. Uncle Carlos was in the cabinet making business (interior construction). He was always generous to his family. He helped anybody who needed help and never wanted you to thank him. Uncle Carlos was only in his 60's. He will be missed.

I want to give a shout out to Mike V who struggled with his own heart problems but he's come through and thank God, he's going to be around to give everybody hell. GET WELL MIKE! Eat your veggies and STOP SMOKING! We need you around. I need you around so I can keep hearing tell me how fabulous I!!!

I went to see the movie "Precious" yesterday. I liked it. But I didn't cry. It was sad but not as sad as I thought it was going to be. Overall a good movie. Some good acting. I enjoyed getting to see Mariah from the left side of her face (she only likes to be photographed from the right). It was a treat.

I'm flying to Boston this Friday to do a private party on Saturday. Then Sunday I'll fly to San Antonio for the Holidays.

Merry Christmas! Happy Chanukah! PEACE ON EARTH.

All my love,

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  1. Fret not my dearest Jimmy!

    Heaven didn't want me and hell was afraid I was going to take over.

    I actually heard the good Lord groan and say, "Eternity, with THAT loud mouth pain in the ass?! No, not yet! St. Peter, lock the gates!"

    Moments later, the hot phone rang and it was the Devil. He sounds like Tony Soprano in real life! God picked up the phone and the Devil started complaining, "So, you's don't wanna take 'im, so ya gonna put 'im down heeya? Nuttin' dewin! He might take my damn job!"

    So for the entire week the 2 of them battled it out, hence the bad weather, and before ya know it, poof I popped back. So to all those bitches who thought I was gone.... I have one thing to say.... I'm Baccccckkkkkk! LOL