Monday, October 5, 2009

So RELAXING October in San Antonio

I come to San Antonio, TX to visit Mom from time to time just to decompress. I still work from here (computer, emails, gigs etc...). It is so nice to have a place to get away from it all. I have my own room and lots of things I work on while I'm here.

I still have so many projects that I can work on here. I like to land on solid ground here and clear my head. Most everything is white in my room. It's very soothing to me.

I watched an episode of "Rachel Zoe" on TV (fashion stylist reality show) this weekend and she said she likes her house to be all white, because it clears her mind. I usually don't like to waste my time watching reality shows. I'd rather live my own life. But since I have someone working on a reality show for me, I thought I should check some of them out to see what they're about. The only reality show that I've followed is Kathy Griffin 'My Life On the D List' because she's in showbiz and I feel like I can learn from her experiences.

on MONDAY SEPTEMBER 28, I took the Bus! The Bus! TO NEW YORK CITY:
When I left Ptown, I took the BUS! (6:30am) I can't believe I took the bus because I never do that and I can't read a bus schedule. It's TOTALLY CONFUSING to me. I have to keep asking, "so when does it leave?" "What do I do again...?" I'm so annoying, because I kinda panic when It comes to taking a bus, it's so foreign to me. I've only ever taken planes and or been driven or I've driven myself to places.

I went to NYC for 2 days to shop in the garment district for fabric. I bought some great stuff and shipped it to San Antonio where some costumes will be made for me.

I shot some final pictures from the bus window just before it left from Ptown.
I have to say that the experience on the bus was not bad at all. I slept for most of it and the driver was speeding (zooming) on the highway passing up cars especially as we got closer to NY. I was in New York City by 2:15pm Monday afternoon. About 7 hours total. Only 2 stops along the way. Not bad. I think I've slightly overcome my anxiety about taking a bus...but it's still a weird thing. The schedules are unreadable. LOL!

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