Sunday, September 6, 2009


This past Friday night September 4, we had the worst crowd ever of the whole Season. Friday nights everywhere always seem to be tricky for some reason. I don't know why but this seems to be universal. My audience this Friday in particular was like the worst of the whole Season. It was like they weren't breathing. The bartender assured me that they were mesmerized by me. I try not to take the quietness personally but inevitably that's what happens. It makes me so nervous and insecure. I need to learn how to overcome these feelings.

The following night, Saturday, was a different story altogether. The crowd was on fire and I think I did some of my best singing. I got 3 Standing Ovations! It was great! Anyway I recorded this show. I gotta figure out how to upload it here so you can hear it.

In the audience was one of the guys from 'Naked Boys Singing' with his Mom and teenage sister. His sister Paige was excited to know that 'Fashionista' was my song because her friend in cheerleader competition won World Cup Championship and my song was part of the music they used. This makes me so happy! I'm also thrilled that I'm in good company as I heard one of my idols - Sylvester is in the medley as well singing his song 'Stars.'

Check out these cheerleaders. They are so good. They won Championship! 'Fashionista' is in the medley.

WORLD CUP 1st Place! 2008

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  1. Having witnessed this show Saturday AND Sunday, Jimmy got 3 standing ovations on Saturday and I lost count on how many he got on Sunday.

    To even state that magic happened on stage both nights would be a mere understatement. Jimmy always puts on a great show, but this past weekend, he somehow channeled the very essence and lives of the people and voices he was impersonating. With every passing show I witness, he seems to resonate ever brighter than any constellation you could point out in the sky.

    Make no mistake, Jimmy is unlike ANY act in P-town or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Naturally he has been known for his uncanny recreation of famous voices but he also belts out some of the best original hit dance tunes to come out of the underground in quite some time. Little by little, this genius peformer is cracking the glass ceiling that pigeon holes gay artists into being nothing more than mere clowns. Jimmy James is nobody's clown and he is certainly no one's fool. His new show encompasses some of his past highlights but also brings us forward into the next leg of his career.

    For those who have seen his shows in the past, they do need to catch a more recent show. His voice is stronger than ever and the impersonations are spot on. The realism of these voices often leaves newcomers to his show wonderfing if he is lip synching or not. Jimmy does NOT lip synch. He is the real deal giving everything he has up on that stage. It is a 100 dollar performance for a mere entry pittance and P-town needs to remember that this is the man who helped put them on the map in the first place.

    This year, Jimmy's repetoir also included Stevie Nicks, Bette Midler, Liza Minelli, Lionel Richie, Diana Ross and Elvis Presley. Some of the above mentioned voices have been done in the past and have also been recorded for posterity. Wipe your memory banks clean because his impersonations were more spot on than I have ever heard them. All these standing ovations should have told you as much, no?

    For those who think Jimmy is a one trick pony, check out his fantastic dance CD entitled Jamestown. Tracks from this disc are played while the patrons are seated and everyone is bopping and bouncing in their seats. If this is what he can pull off on a premier CD, heaven knows what is up his sleeve for a follow up!!!

    If you get a chance to hit P-town, DO catch this show live. It is the best money you can spend for a wonderfully entertaining evening.