Thursday, August 26, 2010


I finally bought a car! I officially moved to LA January 2010. But I did not get a car right away.
I was able to borrow my roommates car often. We only have 1 parking space (for her car) and I'm supposed to park on the street. I wasn't in a big rush.

But alas, as time has gone on, I've been able to meet more people, have more meetings so it was time! I finally NEEDED to get my own car. I went to a dealer close by on Fairfax Ave. here in West Hollywood. JT Auto Connection specializes in Volvos, Mercedez, Saab, Jaguar, Volks Wagon etc... It's a small car lot and they seem to hand pick certain cars that are in relatively good shape and they sell them for a reasonable price.

I saw this little Volvo. I test drove it then eventually had my mechanic inspect it. I got it for a very nice price. It drives great! It looks very nice with leather seats and it seems to be very well taken care of. Sun roof too.

Needless to say I'm going everywhere and constantly busy. Movies, restaurants, friends houses, meetings, shopping, sight-seeing etc...

I've been unleashed.

I'm trying to ad more pix of the car but this blog is not letting me. I'll have to try again later.


  1. Isn’t it so freeing to have your own car? I’m glad you were able to buy one for yourself. I can tell that you were very excited to finally be able to go places without having to wait for permission to use your roommate’s car. I’m sure you were able to save a lot of money too since you bought the car used.

    -- Erwin Calverley

  2. It’s definitely a sigh of relief when you get your own car. It’s great that you’re having so much fun now that you don’t have to keep borrowing a car to get around. Your car looks nice! Do you still own this car or have you switched to another one?

    -- Sebastian

  3. Congratulations on finally having your own car! I echo Erwin’s statement about feeling free when you have your own ride. What did your roommate say when you drove home in your new Volvo? I hope you took him for a ride!

    Arlyne Nelms