Sunday, August 29, 2010


I flew to Houston, TX for a gig on August 14 & 15 at a Performing Arts Center. I was hired as opening act for the ABBA tribute band called "ABBA The Concert."
They were actually quite good. They had about 14 members total. The 2 night concert was sponsored by IKEA and CHEVRON oil. The original dummer was in the show and also the original saxaphone player. All of the members were from Sweden. This is probably the closest I could ever get to actually listening to an ABBA concert.

There were several highlights in the ABBA show but I especially liked when the blond one sang "The Winner Takes It All." ABBA has so many incredible pop songs. The songs just keep going living on like The Beatles.

The Stafford Centre is just outside of Houston in Stafford, TX. I have been to this place before about 5 years ago I opened for The Turtles. It was nice that the promoter called me back for a return engagement. I sold out of all my CDs as I did last time. I feel good that my performance of Voices has a broad appeal for everybody. I opened the show with "Famous" then did the Voices and ended with "Fashionista." The older people of course related to the Voices while some of the younger (girls especially) told me that they play "Fashionista" all the time for dance routines or fashion shows.

This picture is the ONLY picture I have of me and ABBA because although I took tons of pictures, and video from the wings of them performing live on stage, I accidentally erased them ALL from my camera. I still don't know what I did. Oh well.

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