Friday, June 18, 2010

Landed in San Antonio for Vacation

Baby James Laredo, TX
(long time ago)

I suppose a lot of people get away to vacation but I'm lucky enough to be able to visit family in a town that is a vacation spot. Although my Mom's house is in quiet suburbia it's such a nice relaxing oasis from everything. I still have my room here with all my things. I'm able to get away from LA and in the past from New York City, to just chill. I think I've said this before but I could almost take a year off and work on projects here. I have storage, costumes, fabrics, memorabilia, photographs, music, on and on .... Tons of tapes that need to be transferred and put on YouTube etc... lots of stuff that needs to be sorted and organized.

I come here and time flies. No sooner do I start a project and I gotta go back to LA or New York. I have an idea for a book about my life but I have to go through thousands of photographs to help me remember everything. It would take time to sort it out. A few years ago I put together a book idea of my Marilyn years and I'm now trying to find it.

I don't live like a hoarder, I keep all the stuff in storage so I don't have to look at it. But once I start looking into stuff, I open Pandora's box. My career has now spanned 27 years!
I started performing professionally in 1983. I have not had a "regular" job since then. I saved a lot of memorabilia over time in anticipation that the day may come when I might want to write a book about my life. Maybe I'm feeling that time is near. Some of my adventures won't be pretty but some of it will be incredible and fun and funny.

July 1 - I'm playing at The Acorn Theater in Three Oaks Township, Michigan.
July 2 - I play The Dunes Resort in Saugatauck, Michigan
July 3 - I play the HUGE complex known as The Parliament House in Orlando, FL. ("Fashionista" was a hit here. I will be performing outdoor to tons of people)

I'm excited to do all these gigs and then I'll play The Rrazz Room in San Francisco July 31.

I'm not performing in Provincetown this Summer. I'd rather wait to return next year with a fresh new show. I've never liked over-exposure even though right now I'm feeling a little under exposed. Tomorrow's a new day and there's always a chance to keep on keepin' on. Look at Betty White. When you catch a wave, you ride it.

I recently saw Joan River's documentary "A Piece of Work." INCREDIBLE! So much inspiration for anyone who has a dream, whatever it may be. You just keep working at it. Never give up. You have to put yourself out in the rain to get struck by lightning.

In closing I have to say, I feel very peaceful whenever I come to San Antonio. I feel like my skin glows more, my eyes are bright and refreshed. Maybe it's because I get a lot of sleep, maybe because I have less stress, who knows but I feel rejuvenated here? I'm so lucky and grateful I have this little place where I can get away from everything.



  1. Jimmy, I just found your blog today and have to say how happy I am to read that you are pursuing a memoir! There is definitely a market for it and the possibilities are endless!!

    Have you read "I'm Not Myself These Days" by Josh Kilmer-Purcell? It's his first book where he writes about his life as Aquadisiac, the NY drag queen by night and advertising exec by day. His third book, "The Bucolic Plague" is the second auto-biography of his new life after retiring Aqua. He and his new partner, Brent, bought a historic mansion in upstate NY ( where they run a goat farm! From drag queen to goat farmer! You can do it too! Ha! This past Wednesday, they debuted their reality TV show on PlanetGreen ( called "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" which comes on Wednesday nights.

    I think, your book idea is wonderful. Your writing style is fun, sassy, clever and honest. I would definitely buy it! And who knows, with all of your friends in the business, who knows what could come of it! Maybe you too can end up with your own reality TV show? Ru who? (LOL)

    Enjoy your weekend with your family! They are your biggest fans!!



  2. Oh thanks RG. Very nice comment. I have to look into these guys on PlanetGreen. I realize I have so much material, I'm going to need professional help to pull it all together.