Thursday, March 25, 2010


Saturday March 20th I performed in Pamona, CA for the Victorian chapter of The Red Hat Ladies. I did it to support my friend and Headdress Designer Shawn Lochridge. He is so talented and creative that I want to help him anyway I can.

I met so many lovely ladies. All adorable, sweet and fun. There were about 200 in the luncheon and the models were backstage. They are Red Hat Ladies of another chapter. I never knew what Red Hat Ladies were until now.

Everybody painted out of their minds. Several makeup artists were on hand to glamorize. I helped out too. I did the makeup for the lady in pink.

You can click the link below to see a slide show of the backstage photos of everybody getting ready set to my song 'FASHIONISTA.'

Sunday March 21, 2010:
I performed at The Celebration Theater for Ryan O'Conner's one man show.

Monday March 22:
In the evening I picked up Lady Bunny who is visiting from New York and we went to see some comics at The Improve. It was the side annex and odd. Selene Luna was hosting and she was fun also Justin Martindale was funny. Afterwards Bunny & I and Corey & Andy went to have dinner at Bossa Nova on Rovertson. Good Brazilian food.

Tuesday March 23:
This was a fun full day! First thing in the morning I answered interview questions for Joshua Miller:

I also got confirmation from Chad Michael's that I can do a guest spot at RAGE in WeHo March 30th to promote my UPRIGHT CABARET gig. Very cool. Chad Michael's "Dream Girls Revue" is a long running drag show that has a different show every week.

Then Shawn Lochridge came to pick me up to go to downtown LA to shop for fabrics and jewels and get ideas for some looks for me. We met some cute young girls who are dancers and I told them they should dance to my song "FASHIONISTA" and they got excited because they have it on their myspace page. Wooohooo! I love that. I gave them hugs. They were so sweet.

Late afternoon Shawn and I went to a costume designer in Whittier to have a meeting. The kind of clothes and looks I'm going for are going to be different and eye-catching. Mainly Japanese inspired. I love Issey Miyake stuff.

Shawn and I returned to West Hollywood to meet up with a friend (Gary) and we had dinner at Merricks Mexican Restaurant. Stuffed our faces!

Wednesday March 24:
I never take naps but since I'm trying to ween off of sugar, by 12 noon I fell into a deep sleep for 3 hours. I felt so groggy. I'm not doing anything too drastic, just cutting back on anything with high fructose and wherever else I can cut. I don't know if this is going to work but I'm experimenting.

Thursday March 25:
Kinda groggy again due to low sugar intake but I did laundry. I'm excited. I have my airline ticket to Tahoe to go look at a possible casino/hotel to play in the near future.

I'll take pictures of Tahoe and the venue for you to see. I'll write next week.


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