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I'm posting this MARCH 8, 2010.

This past Monday night, March 1, I made a quick appearance at CLUB 11 in West Hollywood for their Musical Mondays. The night is dedicated to Broadway musicals. All guests have to do Broadway style songs and music. So I did my impression of Cher doing "Memory" from 'CATS.' Just before that I did an acappella of Liza singing "Maybe This Time."

Tuesday, March 2, I helped host the club night 'MR. BLACK' at a space where the Spider Room used to be. It's across the street from Capitol Records on Vine above Hollywood Blvd. I had my picture taken with Guy from "Chelsea Lately." I don't think he knows who I am but he was very sweet to pose in a picture with me. He seems very nice. Maybe I'll get to know him better later.

Wednesday, March 3, in the day, I went to a laundermat to do tons of laundry - MY OWN LAUNDRY! Does that sound like I've "Gone Hollywood???" I don't think so. Also today my TV producer pitched my reality show, "Re-Inventing Jimmy James" to VH1. Fingers crossed. It would so nice to be on VH1. Whatever happens I'm just grateful to have interest.
I went to Vegan Glory restaurant tonight with my friend Brandt.

Thursday, March 4, I got a call from a Theatrical Agent who wants to meet with me March 11 about representing me Theatrically and for Voice-Over work. Fingers crossed. Who knows what will happen. I'm just happy I get a call like this.

Friday March 5, I performed to a wildly enthusiastic fun audience who gave me 3 standing ovations! My voice was in excellent condition. I worked hard prior to the show with a 3hour sound check/ rehearsal. HARD WORK! Chilly weather and rain in LA today.
People who work at 'Chelsea Lately' showed up and bought CDs. They said they would spread the word and come again next month. Yay!

Saturday, March 6, it poured rain like crazy here in LA. It put a damper on my attendance. But still the fabulous Oscar nominated and Grammy Award winning stylist from 'Sex In The City' and 'Devil Wears Prada' PATRICIA FIELD showed up and it was a fun show.
Patricia was in LA from NY to be a style reporter for The Associated Press.
(click 'Red Carpet').

Sunday, March 7, was a day of rest for me finally. I went to hang out with Patricia Field and my friend Armen Ra who did her makeup for the AP Live Internet show. Pat had a room at the new 'W' Hotel in Hollywood. She came back to the room after her commentary, to watch The Acadamy Awards on the big flat screen tv. We ordered room service and had a nice glamorous relaxing time.

If I've "Gone Hollywood" how come I still do my own laundry and hang out with New Yorkers???

Here's the show list for The Upright Cabaret:

Thanks to everybody who came to see me at The Upright Cabaret!

I'm doing it again April 2 & 3.


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