Friday, November 26, 2010

8 people. Food for 20.

Yesterday I went to Burbank to my old friend Rita's house for Thanksgiving. There were only 8 of us but they cooked for 20 people. Her girlfriend Jo did such a good job and we all had fun. The people there were in the film and television business including Rita. There was also a manager of musicians there. But all that aside we were all just pigs when it came to the food.

Rita Carreon and I met each other in San Antonio way way back in the day (early 80's) when we both were working for Balloon Expressions - A balloon bouquet delivery company. We would work the phones and take orders as well as inflate the balloons with helium. The company is still there.

It all seems like a lifetime away. I remember telling the owners to buy a theme song I wrote for the company. I got paid $200! This was my first real songwriting gig. I also convinced them that I should dress as Marilyn Monroe to deliver some bouquets to dads on Father's Day.
For an extra fee customers could have the bouquet delivered by Marilyn Monroe. We booked 4 gigs that day and none of the fathers ever suspected that it was a guy dressed as MM. LOL!!!

I'm so glad I have GPS in my car. It is the ONLY way to get around now.

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