Thursday, February 4, 2010

Headdress, Justin Bond, Ryan Raftery, TommyBoy Records!


Here's a photo from Odyssey Magazine, LA of me after my show at The Upright Cabaret. Headdress by Shawn Lochridge. I wish I had a better picture but I was too busy performing to worry about my own camera.

The following weekend (Jan. 29-30) I got to see Justin Bond from NYC perform at The Upright Cabaret last Friday. Justin Bond has played Carnagie Hall as Kikki of "Kikki & Herb." He also was in the movie "Short Bus" by John Cameron Mitchell.

Ryan Raftery also performed wildly (Saturday night). He's appeared on "Ugly Betty" among other things as well. Both performers packed the place. They're my friends so I was very proud of them. Both have too many credits for me to mention right here but you can Google them.

Justin Bond on stage and afterwards signing merch. I loved when he sang Joni Mitchell's "Court & Spark."

Ryan on stage singing and dancing with a full band. They're all very talented.
It just keeps feeling like I'm still in New York. I still have New York friends here in LA and I see my New York performer friends in clubs. Maybe it's just beginners luck.
I didn't trade off the people - just the weather. LOL!

Speaking of New York ... this past Monday and Tuesday (Feb. 1 & 2) MORE NEW YORK at my door step in LA. Tom Silverman and his lovely wife Donna invited my friend
Armen Ra ( and I to The Roxy to see some musicians performing for The NEW MUSIC SEMINAR. Among the several performers, we got to see: Semi Precious Weapons rock the house. Adam Lambert was there rocking out.

Silverman was also very generous to have Armen and I attend the SEMINAR at the Henry Fonda Theater as his guests. It was an all day event (9am-7pm). So many great speakers to discuss the future of the music business. I absorbed everything and took notes. So much to learn.

Tom Silverman (Tommy Boy Records) opens the day with a speech about the current state and future of music.

Music Industry experts!

So lucky to hear these people give advice. Lead singer from Semi Precious Weapons (in nude boots) who we saw perform the night before. Another New Yorker. He and his band are opening for Lady GaGa's tour 2010.

Some advice from Music Industry Expert - Martin Atkins. I bought his book: "TOUR:SMART...And Break The Band"
Really good book about music biz.

Ok, so it's my fault I'm inconsistent with my blog. TeeHee...

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