Sunday, January 23, 2011


I mean seriously while people are freezing around the country in frigate's like spring here.
I went with my friend Armen Ra on a drive to Malibu. We stopped at the famous Paradise Cove for a bite in the evening. We were not that hungry but it was nice just to go out there and drive on the PCH. Armen took these pix on his iPhone just as the Sun was setting. The rich aqua blues and pinks in the sky in these photos have not been retouched at all.

I have been busy busy with a lot of projects so taking a little time off was nice and relaxing.

I'm so grateful to have these beautiful days in abundance. It's almost painful to be here. It's kinda like how did I manage to make this happen in my life?

Earlier in the day when I woke up I watched my DVR of Oprah's 'Behind the Scenes' on OWN. I'm so fascinated by these shows. In college I studied Radio, TV & Film so these shows really get me entranced. I also watched Maya Angelou's 'Master Class' on OWN. What a remarkable woman! I have to get her books. She made me cry. She is so profound and wise and full of soul. There was a quick black & white clip of her singing in a movie (I think?) and WOW she had a fantastic voice! Very regal and strong, deep and full with rich resonance. I'm going to go on YouTube to see what I can find of her singing....just checked YouTube and I can't find that clip.

After watching the OWN shows I went with Armen to have lunch at Mels Diner on Sunset Blvd.

After Mels I went down the street to go check out the space at Hamburger Hamlet in Beverly Hills where I'll be performing for a VIP party soon. There is a baby grand piano there and a built in sound system. So it looks like it's set up fine.

I did a private party for her several years ago but she p-r-o-b-a-b-l-y won't remember.

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