Friday, March 9, 2012

NEW PHOTO SHOOT / I Wanna Be Evil / Palm Springs

This is from my latest photo shoot in Los Angeles with photographer Lisa Reilly. I'm homaging Madonna's early look but in my own way. I have to say soft black tshirts chains and black leggings is kinda comfortable. I'm kinda going to work this look for the rest of the year - variations of it.

Little leaks have started already for Madonna's upcoming album. Sounds good. She's back to reclaim her gays. She ignored them for a while until she saw how much mileage Gaga was getting. Then M had to say that "reductive" word on in a Nightline interview when describing Gaga. Ouch! Mean!

Mean is something I'm  trying to work on. I have to be meaner. Showbiz has always been cut-throat but somehow now it's really more fucking cut-throat with all the outlets for every retarded person being able to get famous on YouTube, Facebook etc... I mean it's a dog eat dog world more than ever. Idiots are getting famous. And I mean idiots. I gotta fight for my right to entertain you. I gotta be meaner. Next time you tell people I'm a bitch, remember I'm wearing it proudly and getting booked for it.

I started a once a month gig at STREETBAR in Palm Springs.
I played there February 28 and the place was  packed!
The owner booked me on the spot for March 27! 8pm.
This is finally a place that I've dreamed about. A place like what I had in New York City from 1995-2000. A place where I can try out new material. Try out my comedy. Record every show to critique myself. Come by. There's no cover!

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