Sunday, March 17, 2013


Woke up early to go with my manager to SMASHBOX STUDIOS in Culver City.

A photographer is working on a coffee table book for Dessert AIDS Project. He wants a lot of drag artists in his book. I don't really consider myself a drag artist. But I was game for the cause. I don't know if I'll get into the book but here's a sneak peak behind the scenes shot by my manager:

MARCH 15 & 16:
I was a special guest both nights in a row at HAMBURGER MARY'S in West Hollywood.  This HM is not just a restaurant but it has a little stage for performances. Whenever I have downtime, I'll call up the queens who run it and say I'm available. The shows are at 10p Thur-Sat. Sun at noon. They also have Bingo and Karaoke on other nights. I also found out they have Taco Tuesdays too.

There was something in the water Saturday the 16th. The crowd was wild & crazy. The place was sold out. I opened my set with a special Klubjumper remix of FASHIONISTA. People were singing along and cameras were brought out. I only do 3 spots in the show. Calpernia Addams is the MC. There's a Burlesque Dancer and another queen named Lady Red who really works up the crowd with her live singing. Wild nights at HM.


  1. And Jimmy, HM West Hollywood, is such a perfect spot for you to perform... it's just a hop, skip and a jump from your residence. Should you have too many cocktails after performing, you could stagger fashionably home!! XOXO (BRETT KUBASIAK)

  2. OMG BRETT... But now I think I found the perfect place... Cafe La Boheme in West Hollywood. I packed the place and was able to do my whole show! Maybe someday you'll see it.
    Aug. 1 is the next show there.