Friday, January 22, 2010

Hamburger Mary's MEETING

Had a meeting with a record producer this afternoon at the West Hollywood Hamburger Mary's.
When I'm allowed to talk about the project I'll let you know. But I like it a lot.

While we were having our meeting tucked away from everyone, a guy walked up to my table and asked for an autograph. Wow! I never think anybody knows me. That was cool. He said his boyfriend is from San Antonio and that they had seen me a few years ago at The Jumpstart Theater when I did some shows there. Then eventually his boyfriend came over to introduce himself. I was so flattered. They might come to see me perform at The UPRIGHT CABARET this weekend.

I told them I just moved to LA. One of the guys is a manager at GIANNI VERSACE on Rodeo Drive. Really cool. They were nice. I gave them hugs and even gave them my number to call me.

I told the record producer, "you see, I am somebody!" "take my picture!" "don't you know who I am?" We were laughing. It was the record producer's Birthday today but I said, "I don't care this meeting is about me!" (laughing).

More things keep on happening here in Hollywood. Stay tuned.


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  1. I love that story Jimmy...The hell with his you.