Friday, January 15, 2010


WELL....O.K! I've been lazy about posting.

After performing at a private Christmas party in Boston, MA. December 12, I took about a month off. But I feel good and ready to get back to work.

You would think I could have at least typed in this blog to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I'm glad I had that time off because I caught a bad cough - perhaps a relapse to the Swine Flu I caught during Thanksgiving. Who knows... All better now.

I'm back in Los Angeles and preparing for my show "IMPRESSIONISM" at THE UPRIGHT CABARET in Los Felis at The Vermont Restaurant and Show Room.
I'm performing a slightly different version than the show in Ptown this past Summer.

I'm extremely busy with projects and I'm excited to be working with my brand new white Scandinavian desk! It's not from Ikea. I got it at Plummers Furniture out here in LA.
I assembled it myself was so hard to do.
See below:

I also got a new white bed frame from West Elm. I also assembled that! Ugh...
I won't complain. Look at the tragedy in Haiti. It's heartbreaking. It makes me grateful for what I have and I have nothing to complain about.
As soon as I get my room pulled together, I'll show you pictures. You'll be able to compare the current pictures with the early pictures (blog: May 6, 2009).

Take care!

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