Wednesday, June 29, 2011


My claw hand! Hahahaaa...I'm hiding my silver sharpie...Autographs darling! Autographs! It would have been better to see the sharpie than a claw hand! (DJ, RuPaul, Lindon, Jimmy).
Last night was THE night!
I've heard that sometimes before a really good show, something tragic happens. On our way to Casita del Campo, we witnessed a COP car BASH into the passenger right side of a Mercedes driven by a little old lady. Ouch!  This happened on Fountain a few blocks before Sunset. But...

My show "DIVAS - DEAD or ALIVE!" really came together in a big fun way. I think the pacing and energy was fun and to top it off RuPaul was there to watch the show. My special guest 19 year old Lindon Warren ( did a great job and of course was thrilled to meet RuPaul.

We all posed for pictures. Ru commented that he really liked my opening song "Summer Sun" (from my album JAMESTOWN) and was going to download it on iTunes. Very cool!
On the set of WEHO Sports public access to promote "Divas - Dead or Alive!" Raul & Brenda are the hosts. I wore my flag shirt just for fun, I had no idea I was going to match their

RuPaul came to see my show 'Divas - Dead or Alive!' FUN! I featured 19 year old Lindon Warren in the show. This was an incredible night.

This is a mistake photo. The difference between my legs and RuPaul's!

My new iPhone fits in perfectly into my lifestyle. Screen saver picture (me as Marilyn '83) by Jim Hamilton. No I don't usually have pix of myself on the computer, I just thought it would look good for this...really, I wouldn't lie to
On the Morning of June 28, I woke up early for a 9am jog using my NIKE + app that reports to my Facebook how far I've gone. I'm in trouble now...uh I mean accountable. It recorded 1.8mi. It's kinda cool. It also keeps the tally on record.

Then at 10am I had a meeting with a producer who books shows in casinos and wants to work with me. Fingers crossed.

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